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Monday, October 01, 2007

I survived

Actually, I should say the drivers of my fantasy league survived. Last night's race in Kansas was better than I expected. It took a long time to get it done due to a rain delay, but when the racing was on, it was good.

Jeff Gordon got caught in about 20th place when the officials shortened the race by about 10 laps. He really poured it on and finished with a top five. Had they gone the distance, I think he would have done even better.

Kyle Busch got spun out by next year's driver for the the 5 (will be 88) car. They replaced the whole front hood - even had Tony the Tiger on it. He hung with the field and managed to come home 41.

Denny Hamlin had several issues on the track. Finally he was taken up in an accident that I thought would put him out of the race. He came back to finish two laps down in 29th.

Thankfully, Hamlin's accident was caused by Jamie McMurray. He finished one lap down in 24th. DraftingWithYates other drivers also had trouble. Matt Kenseth got caught in "the big one" and having lead 49 laps, finished 35th. Jeff Burton also had his hood shoved up followed Kenseth on the finishing list in 36th.

My win over DraftingWithYates allowed me to stay ahead of BBuck who was racing against the give me team. I hate to say it, but I was so glad to see Tony Stewart spin out. He was a danger out there with that tire rub. I'm sure he'll whine and complain that Kurt Busch "ran all over him." But the way I see it, the tire rub put him in that position and a slower car trying to run with fast ones will end up getting run over.

Anyway, next week will be very interesting. The Car of Tomorrow at Talladega. It is going to be scary for me. I go up against A_Junior_Fan: Dale Earnhardt, Jimmie Johnson, and Martin Truex. BBuck goes up against Super_D. I'd like to see Super_D take him, but the chances are that I will drop one to BBuck next week.



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