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Monday, September 24, 2007

The Chase is on!

The Dover race of yesterday was a much better race than last weeks. Not only that but the Chase has turned exciting in a big way. Look at the breakdown of the points between the leader, Jeff Gordon, and places 2 - 4. Only one position in the top ten on the race track separates them.

1Jeff Gordon5340Leader
2Tony Stewart5338-2
3Carl Edwards5337-3
4Jimmie Johnson5336-4

Unfortunately, while it was a good day because Gordon held onto the lead, it was a bad day because I got beat by BBuck. I now have 22 wins to his 19. I've got to win four of the next eight races in order to take the league. I should face the give me team two more times, so that leaves me with the needing to win two contested races.

Next week in Kansas I go up against DraftingWithYates. He has three solid drivers in Kenseth, McMurray, and Jeff Burton. Burton and Kenseth are Chase drivers. My team will have to have an on day to get the win. BBuck goes up against thewildcard. So, he is pretty much assured a win. We'll find out next week!



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