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Monday, September 17, 2007

Gordon moves back toward the front

Yesterday's race in New Hampshire turned out pretty well for me. At first I thought Gordon might lose ground in the Chase. He seemed to be struggling and Boyer was just checking out. Worse, Jimmie Johnson and Tony Stewart seemed to be right behind Boyer in ability.

Thankfully, the 24 team turned things around and while Boyer was still the class of the field, Gordon did what he had to do to finish in front of Stewart and Johnson. This means that Jeff has now moved into a tie for first place with Johnson and maintains his lead over the 20 car.

Hamlin struggled some to end up with a 15 place finish. However, with Gordon coming home 2nd and Kyle Busch making a good finish in 4th place, I was able to move ahead by one race in the fantasy league! BBuck lost to A_Junior_Fan. With only 9 races to go, that starts to work in my favor.



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