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Monday, September 10, 2007

Getting ready for the Chase

Well, we've made it to the Chase for the Championship. Looks like Johnson gets to move into the lead of points even though Jeff Gordon was hundreds of points ahead and Tony Stewart and Denny Hamlin were ahead of him in points. It was the new rule that gives bonus points for wins that made it happen.

As for the fantasy league, it isn't affected by the points change. It continues to work on the same points structure. I was glad to come out of Richmond with a win. You never know what is going to happen on a short track. I held off Super_D 428 to 405. Earlier I was blowing him away, but by the end of the race, I was biting my nails.

BBuck continues to keep pace. It looked like he was going to get beat about midway through the race. DraftingWithYates was nearly 100 points ahead at that time, but Tony made his move and BBuck ended up winning 363 to 279.

Of course, A_Junior_Fan had not problem on the night because he was up against thewildcard. The team was third in points for the night with 401. Johnson really made the difference for him.

BBuck is only 3 races back. We have 10 more to go! This reminds me so much of last year when I came into the final weeks with a lead. I was feeling pretty confident and then, BAM, BBuck took the lead to win the league. Here's hoping history doesn't repeat itself!



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