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Thursday, April 12, 2007

2008 election so soon?

I was contacted by a writer for New Republic and National Journal. He was wanting to know specifically how administrators a Bob Jones University would react to issues regarding Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney. (He wasn't the first either. Journalists are starting to pop up around here.)

Of course, I have no idea what the administrators are thinking. I told him as much but then offered what I am hearing as I talk to South Carolina evangelical Republicans. Since I didn't give him what he was after, it probably won't come up in his article. Just in case, I'm placing my comments here to see how they compare with what gets published.
1. Most likely Rudy Giuliani's biggest obstacle with evangelical Republicans in South Carolina will revolve around the ideological differences on the social issues such as abortion and gay civil unions. Even those attracted to his candor, explanations of his fiscal policies, and handling of New York during 911 will find it hard to back someone who is sympathetic to the liberal view of those two issues. He is probably wise to play up his desire to appoint strict constructionist judges.

2. What I am hearing is that Mitt Romney's more liberal past would have a greater bearing on his campaign than his Mormonism. Certainly, there is an expression of concern among some because of his religion, but I also hear others say, "We are electing a CEO - not a pastor." Romney will need to do a good job convincing evangelical conservatives that his political transformation over the years is indeed genuine. If he can do that, he may find some traction among a large faction of those voters.

Let me throw in number three :-) There is also a rumbling from those who are not satisfied with any of the current field. They desire to find someone who fits their ideology without concern to that candidate's "viability." If the rumblings represent a sizeable number, then the primary could be a very fragmented affair. If that happens, it could mean a toss up for a primary winner.
We'll see what happens and if I get any more of these, I'll pass them along.


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