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Saturday, October 14, 2006

For moment I was a swan

Sorry that I haven't posted in a couple of days. It isn't that I haven't been doing anything. It is just that I have been pretty busy and when evening rolls around, I think to myself, "I just don't feel like I can think of anything." In the mornings, I've been hitting the ground running and just have not had time. Now that is out of the way, I'll catch up a little bit.

What's this about being a swan? Let me explain. When I first started riding a bike on a regular basis - what about 12 years ago? - I only road my mountain bike. I can remember riding through Cleveland Park along the small trail that runs above the main park area. I would look up as I strained with my big knobby tires among the roots and dirt and see the roadies as they gracefully flowed along Woodland Way. I looked back down at the dirt as they swooped on by and thought to myself, "They're the swans and I'm the ugly duckling."

Well, Thursday evening I headed out to do my ride in Cleveland Park. Once there I started doing some laps. I was trying to see what I could get done in an hour. On my third lap I began to climb Woodland Way. To my knowledge, I was all alone. However, I looked back as I neared the crest of the hill and there was a group of about eight riders coming behind me. Would I be a swan or an ugly duckling in spandex?

The group went around me and I jumped on the back of it. Off we went. It was fun. I mean these guys were moving - they were sustaining speeds over 23 mph. I was right there with them for a lap. I think it kind of surprised them. It was as though they were trying to drop me and when I didn't drop, they decided to let me hook on for the rest of the ride.

As we were going into our second lap and started to climb Woodland Way again, the cadence started to drop. I actually felt more comfortable pulling around some of the other guys and by the top of the climb, I was third in line. About that time, I heard, "Hey, Jonathan!" It was Carlos - one of the guys I was waiting for to show up to ride with me. So, I backed off and joined him. I watched the group leave. For a moment I was a swan.

As it was, the group broke up before long. Carlos and I rode for a short distance together and then I opened things up again. I managed to finish the hour's ride with an average speed of 19.6. That beat my best time by .2 mph. I can tell it is going to take a lot to reach my goal of 20 mph. However, I think it can be done.

Hey, but what about the big race tonight?

Well, I have decided to bench Jeff Gordon. He just has not had what it takes in Charlotte this year. Jimmie, Mark, and Kyle all qualified better than he did. I believe he will put the nail in the coffin of his championship hopes this evening.

As for me, things are precarious. I go up against Super_D tonight while BBuck gets a give me. That means, BBuck is sure to get a win tonight and I will have a struggle. My drivers roll off 7, 10, and 18. Super_D's guys start in the 11, 15, and 42 positions. Of course, Kurt Busch, who is the driver in 42nd place, is there because of a rules infraction after qualifying 3rd. That isn't a lot of comfort for me.

We'll see. Lowes at night is always fun.


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