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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Thanks, Kyle!

I took my bike into the shop last Friday so it could have a tuneup while I was gone for the weekend. I was told the bike would be ready today. I was a little disappointed because I knew I wouldn't get to ride because I had an event to attend this evening. Now, I don't mind at all!

The event was a really cool program at the BMW Performance Center. It was a CEO networking event. I arrived around 5:30 with my partner Dan. We took some hot laps around the peformance track in some hardtop Z4s. Wow! That was AWESOME!

We then listened to a panel of CEOs from our area. That was educational. Following that we heard the keynote speaker - Kyle Petty! Kyle was very disarming and real. He also gave a very good speech. Nothing against Kyle, but it was better than I anticipated. It was very emotional as you could really sense his passion when he talked about the Victory Junction Gang Camp.

Following the speech, I was able to get an autograph from Kyle for a friend of mine during the reception time. We also had a raffle and low and behold I won a Z4 convertible... okay, it was a little pedal car. You can see it above, but the neatest thing of all was that Kyle autographed it for me.

I'll let my little boy ride the car, but it won't be left out in the yard! It will be put up after he takes a little spin. I've always had a soft spot for Kyle Petty because of the charity work he does. This is something I want to hang onto.


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