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Monday, October 02, 2006

Deja Vu

Here is what happened the last time I made the Paris Mountain ride. In some ways, it is very similar to my ride tonight. I'd like to think I made some big gains in a month, but perhaps not...

Last time I made it over the mountain in 23.30 minutes. Tonight, I made it in 23.19. I made it back over the first time in 24.89 for a total of 11.56 miles. This time I made it back over in 26.10 for a total of 12.09 miles. I'm not exactly sure where that extra mile came from.

Several other things were the same as well. My average heart rate for both rides was 168. My average speed was 14.3 on the first ride and 14.7 tonight. My max speed then? 45.2 mph - Tonight? 45.1 mph. The work load back in September was 991 and the load tonight was 932. That night, my heart rate peaked at 185 bpm. Tonight, I just barely touched 183.

One thing is for certain, it sure gets darker earlier! I was heading back to my car and it was kind of scary as I headed down the mountain. I have lights on both the back and front of my bike, but I had this nightmare that some kid was going to playing rally car around those curves and run me over. I'm not sure I'm going to ride that route after 7 p.m. anymore.


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