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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Disc Golf Destruction

I headed back on the trail today. I did a lap of Timmons Park and then headed down East North Street down to Cleveland Park. After doing a full lap through that park I headed back up East North Street back home. That first hill up from Stone Ave. heading toward Pleasantburg is a killer after about 6 miles of trails!

My goal is to get back to doing several laps of Timmons, then going through Cleveland Park down to the Falls Park and the Liberty Bridge, then on through downtown Greenville, and up Wade Hampton Blvd. to home. That will be about a 16 mile workout that includes some technical single track.

Timmons Park the way it used to look.

One thing that shocked me was the condition of Timmons Park. I have ridden there for at least ten years. The trail has always been well maintained. The riders there (the trail is sponsored by the Greenville Spinners Bicycle Club) have done a good job of trail maintenance. However, the park is a mess - and it isn't because of the bikers. It is because of an unexpected challenge to the environment.

What disc golf has done to the park.

The people playing disc golf have caused a huge amount of erosion around the park. Some of the bicycle trail has completely disappeared. While the riding trails used switch backs and marked areas, the disc golf players walk all over the area destroying the undergrowth. A few good rains and there goes the hill side! Disc golf destruction - who would've thunk it?


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