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Saturday, September 17, 2005

The redhead ain't too sure...

My lovely wife isn't so sure about the Vespa. It isn't so much the cost of the bike or the fact her husband has gone and got some new toy (though those things to factor into the situation), it is that she is embarrassed. She has it in her mind that we are talking about a moped. Around where we live people don't normally drive scooters unless they have lost their license - at least that is the perception that some people have. I'm trying to show her that it isn't the case with something as classic as this '64 Vespa.

I'll grant that the side car adds a new twist! However, the side car can be removed. Then again, you might find a scooter in Greenville - but a scooter with a side car? It will certainly be a head turner.

I think that once is all said and done, she will like it. The kids are very excited. They can't wait to go for a rid around the neighborhood in the side car. I can't wait to take them for that ride.


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