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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

One day left!

Only one day left on the Vespa auction. I'm actually starting to hope I win the thing. I've got a lot of emotion invested in it right now!

I also decided to go back and contact some of the people who have already purchased Vespas from my Indonesian connection. I was very pleased with the reponse I have gotten from them. They have nothing but good things to say about Bram (short for Abraham) the guy who owns the company and restores these bikes. Not only did they say that Bram was honest in his transactions and communication, they also said that the bikes live up to the descriptions on the Web.

I'm feeling a lot better on that front... but Jakarta, Indonesia! That is a long way away. It is going to cost something to ship that thing over here. Of course, what a story to tell. I just hope that there isn't a chicken in the package with a case of bird flu!

This could all just a thing in the past tomorrow. Surely someone will out bid me. Most of the other Vespas are going for more than I have bid.


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