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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hope this tank lasts a LONG time!

I almost hesitate to publish this post. I am watching the devastation in New Orleans. It makes any inconvenience here seem woefully insignificant.

I started the Suburban this morning to take the kids to school. I noticed it was slow to start and realized that the fuel tank was low. I decided to go ahead and fuel up before I gave the truck to my wife later in the day.

The fuel was 2.699 a gallon. On a lark, I thought, "I think I will fill it up and see how much it cost." I didn't even look at the pump as I kept holding the handle. Then I heard the pump stop. I turned around and saw that the pump had stopped at $100. I probably could have put in five more dollars.

Tonight as my family headed to church, every gas station had lines to get fuel. On the way home from church, many of those stations appeared to be running out of fuel. One station was completely closed.

Little did I know that this was going to happen when I was there fueling this morning. Now, I'm glad I did!


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