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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Pheonix Rising

Well, I got my win. Though not the way I wanted to! Pait Racing has moved into third (Still second in the points totals). But as I said after Texas, If only I had run Mikie instead of Nemechek! Actually, if only I had run Mikie instead of Biffle! I thought I was a goner when Biffle had that freak accident. Then I watched Harvick start burning up the field. Had he not faded at the very end, I would have been toast!

14 - Ryan Newman
19 - Kevin Harvick
33 - Tony Stewart

Pait Racing
10 - Joe Nemechek
12 - Jeff Gordon
41 - Greg Biffle

Driver 8 Fan: 5 Wins 3 Losses (3130 pts.)
20Buck: 5 Wins 3 Losses (2749 pts.)
Pait Racing: 4 Wins 4 Losses (2888 pts.)
Bud_Man_Fan: 3 Wins 5 Losses (2752 pts.)
Boogity Boogity Boogity: 3 Wins 5 Losses (2721 pts.)
FreeAgents: 3 Wins 5 Losses (2648 pts.)

Me / Current Leader

I got two more state sites up and running during the race! We now have four up and gathering content for their launch. Things are progressing...


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