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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I need some editors

I have been hinting at this for some time. Now I am going to lay it out and issue a call for help. The time is very close at hand and I need some editors.

To make a long story short, I have been working behind the scenes to create an application that will allow for there to be many mini-CommonVoice.coms. Specifically, I have created the system to allow for state specific websites that use all of the functionality of but on a targeted state based level. These aren't just sections underneath the domain - they are actual stand alone sites with their own URL, administration and traffic tracking.

I want to "give away" these sites. Of course, the first out of the gate is the South Carolina site. I am not ready yet to give out the URL publically, but I will say that whoever gets this site will be hitting the ground running!

These sites will be headed by a Managing Editor. This editor will have full control of the web based administrative functions of the site. I emphasize the fact that it is all web based. No techno geeks needed. The site is very easy to manage. I have worked hard to make it as simple for these editors as possible.

Of course, I will remain the Executive Editor. I will have override power over each of these sites. However, I want to spend the time I have normally spent doing much of the state stuff to focus on expanding The Common Voice as a national presence and also devote some time to creating new functions to make available to my managing editors.

What type of people am I looking for? Again, great technical skills are not needed. The ability to write would be an advantage, but not absolutely necessary. What is more needed are people who have a sincere interest in the state in which they live. A willingness to make contact with sources of content would be important. An inquiring mind would be a definite plus. Then perhaps hardest of all is a belief in the mission of allowing divergent voices.

What is the catch? Only two things come to mind:

1. Ultimate control goes to the executive editor. If I see an editor is taking the site in a direction divergent from the mission, I'll pull the plug.

2. While the managing editor will have control of certain areas of the site for ad sales, the executive editor reserves other areas for his control of ad placement.


This is a great opportunity to get involved! Through I have had the opportunity to meet people of influence that I never would have been able to meet otherwise. If you are willing to work to make your site an opinion leader, then you will see doors open for you.

It costs you nothing but your time - and maybe your sanity! There is no fee that must be paid to be involved. Zip. Zero. Nada.

It could actually make you some money. This isn't the primary reason for becoming an editor. However, the possibility is very real. The is a completely web based ad control system built into these sites. The managing editors can easily add both text and image ads to display on the site. They can set the rates and control display.

Interested? Contact me. Maybe you aren't interested but you know someone who would like to get involved in something like this - it doesn't matter what state they live in. Tell them about this opportunity. I'm looking for a few good editors!


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