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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Stuck on the 1%

The Globe and Mail: Possible U.S. ambassador to Canada close with Bush

I found the following paragraph to be interesting:
"Mr. Wilkins, for example, was a strong defender of Bob Jones University president Bob Jones III, who for years refused to lift the college's much-criticized ban on interracial dating. When Mr. Jones retired, Mr. Wilkins praised Mr. Jones for providing 'strong leadership and a lot of integrity and moral character.'"
It is like the author is trying as hard as possible to give the impression that the interracial daing ban is still in effect. In all of my dealings with the media, they simply cannot let go. Many in the black community and most of the community at large is willing to move on. However, the media just can't let go.

I was talking with a reporter from the Washington Post the other day. He kept going back to the '60s and asking why things were done a certain way. Finally, I told him, "Look, I was born in 1968. I can't tell you what people were thinking back then. It was a different time and a different culture. I can only speak to what is now." The bottom line is that the past is much more interesting to reporters because it is more sensational. They continue to ignore the 99% of what makes Bob Jones University in order to focus on 1% that they have decided defines the institution. Thankfully, Mr. Wilkins knows better.

Reporters do not know the circumstances surrounding Bob Jones III removing the ban. According to this reporter's criteria for "integrity and morality", the removal of the ban should be considered a support for the statement by the Speaker.


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