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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Back in the saddle

What a week! I started out in bed sick with a sinus and bronchial infection. I probably should have stayed in bed on Tuesday as well, but I had to get to work. So, Tuesday and Wednesday I just went to work then came home and crashed!

Wednesday began my visit from Mr. Peter Carlson, a journalist with the Washington Post. I spent that day through Friday with him trying to help him to arrive at some understanding of the way Christian Funadmentalists (especially those at Bob Jones University) think. By the end of the week I was just plumb tuckered out! It was a great exercise for my brain. It was really like having someone visit from a foreign country. I am sure he was suffering from culture shock!

Today, I am digging out of the mess that has piled up. So, please forgive me those of you who have not heard from me in a while. I'll get to your messages...


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