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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Bad day for "Pait Racing"

Well, the finish was pretty incredible even if only Biffle gave me a decent finish (except for Waltrip - who I now wish I had not put on the bench for this race).

As it stands here is where things are in the fantasy league.

Bud_Man_Fan: 3 Wins 1 Loss (1502 pts.)
FreeAgents: 3 Wins 1 Loss (1475 pts.)
Driver 8 Fan: 2 Wins 2 Losses (1499 pts.)
Pait Racing: 2 Wins 2 Losses (1380 pts.)
Boogity Boogity Boogity: 1 Win 3 Losses (1280 pts.)
20Buck: 1 Wins 3 Losses (1241 pts.)

Me / Current Leader

Who would have thought that FreeAgents with all the rookies would end up bump drafting with Bud_Man_Fan? Congrats to 20Buck for getting a win! Remember, there are still 30+ races left.


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