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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Sports Stuff

First, basketball...

They're back!

Round One is over

Wow, with Kansas and Syracuse getting bumped, it added more problems to my bracket. Thankfully, all of my Final Four picks are still alive. I have Illinois, Georgia Tech, Kentucky and UNC making it to the semifinals.

The ones I have missed - and have hurt me into the second round are Texas, LSU, Pittsburgh, Creighton, Minnesota, Kansas, Syracuse and UTEP. I had LSU and Kansas going to the Elite Eight.

In the ESPN Tourament Challenge I now have 220 points and have moved up from a 46 percent to 65%.


What can I say? It is weird to see Biffle and Nemechek up in 6th and 7th for the Atlanta race and finding Gordon 25th and Waltrip way down in 37th. I think I am going to stay with my main three drivers - Gordon, Nemechek and Biffle - and sit Waltrip once again. Of course, on this type of track, being in the back at the start doesn't really mean that much.

We'll see...


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