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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Give me a break!

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We could go through this entire blog post and rip it to shreads. However, I'll just focus on one paragraph that shows the credibility of this "political expert."
The Bush Faith Based Initiative has discriminated against Jewish and Muslim institutions, which have received no funding while racist and anti-Catholic Bob Jones University has received significant funding. This funding stands in violation of current civil rights laws.
First, he offers no examples of where the Faith Based Initiatives have discriminated against Jewish and Muslim institutions.

Second, say what!?! Bob Jones University has received significant funding!?! and from the Faith Based Initiatives? Also, he has joined with those still living in the last decade and don't realize that BJU has been in compliance with Civil Rights laws since 1974.

If his research is so bad, I can't see how anything this blogger says can be taken with credibility. He isn't a pundit. He is a parrott.


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