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Saturday, October 02, 2004

Hurrah for the American Way!

Hey, look! A strike in Holland!

And this is what so many would have us to become here in America:
"One of the guiding principles of this cabinet is that people should be more responsible for their own lives," said William Lelieveldt, spokesman for the Finance Ministry.

Lelieveldt said the government realized the changes would cause hardship, but added: "Obviously there is no reform without the pain it causes in society."

Angry workers say this is not the "Dutch way."

"The Dutch way is to take care of people who have less," said Gerard Admiraal, an emergency services worker who attended a protest at Schiphol airport Tuesday.

"This government wants everybody to take care of themselves," Admiraal said. "Only the rich can do that."
Well, I'll take the "American way" any day. I'm not rich, but I'll be more than happy to take care of myself - and I'll do what I can to help take care of others while I am at it.

The problem is that we have becoming more Dutch than American.
The traditional American way is beginning to disappear.


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