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Thursday, September 30, 2004

BJU Candidate Could Be Elected

Showtime - American Candidate - Political reality series on Showtime

Okay, the world can get really weird. I had heard about the Showtime reality show, American Candidate, several months ago. I even knew that one of the candidates was a Bob Jones University graduate. I don't get Showtime and wasn't really that interested in the show either. So, I just forgot about it.

Then I was in for a shock. Park Gillespie, the "presidential" candidate, has a campaign manager that I know. Low and behold, it is James Dockery! Now, that means nothing to you, but James was a good friend of mine in college and I still see him from time to time. A smart guy with a wonderful family, but I would NEVER expect to see him doing something like this!

I just got this today:

We need you to vote for two BJU grads in the final episode this Sunday, Oct. 3, 2004. Park is in the final 3 of over 2,700 applicants on Showtime’s political reality series, American Candidate. He is an evangelical Christian who is taking a stand and sharing truth to an audience that rarely hears the truth. He is the only Republican in the race, while his opponents are “Michael Moore” Liberals that are pro-abortion and favor same-sex marriage. Park and his running mate, James Dockery have taken a stand for Christ and been a testimony for pro-family values over the course of the 10 week show.

Park and James are very active members of their local church in the Charlotte, N.C. area. Park is married with four daughters, while James is married with two daughters. Focus on the Family has recently published articles on Park in their CitizensLink online magazine as has WorldNet Daily.

This Sunday Oct. 3, after the 9pm EDT episode airs, the toll-free phone number to cast your vote will be broadcast on Showtime at approximately 9:45 pm EDT. Polls will be open from approximately 9:45PM EST-11:45PM EST, and again from 12:45AM EST-2:45AM EST. As far as people who live on the West Coast are concerned: Polls will be open from approximately 6:45PM PST-8:45PM PST, and again from 9:45PM PST-11:45PM PST. One phone gets one vote... use as many phones as you have! (text messaging is also available if your phone has the capability).

Please visit one of our Websites this Sunday night, or and we will have the toll-free number by 9:50 pm EDT. If you don’t have the Internet, as a last resort, you can call 704-824-4877 at 10pm EDT to get the toll free number to call for voting.

Please cast your vote Sunday night, and then call at least 20 of your family/friends and ask each of them to call at least 20 people they know ... and so on. Be sure to call your friends now, and get them “prepared” for the big vote Sunday night! Don’t wait until Sunday to “line up” your list of contacts or you may miss them! We need all the votes we can get!!! Spread the word! THANK YOU
I guess I am doing my part. If you want to take the time to vote for Park and James, I can at least vouch for James.

I still can't believe he's doing this!


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