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Sunday, October 03, 2004

The French are here

This morning, I will have a visitor at church. Anne Corpet, of Radio France Internationale, will be in Greenville for a couple of days. She will be yet another reporter who wishes to spend some time at the shiny bright buckle of the Bible belt to get an idea of how evangelicals fit into the political picture.

Radio France Internationale is a french world-wide public radio. Most of listeners are from Africa, but they are on FM in many cities of the world, including New York, Hong Kong, or even Kabul...

Anne is a journalist working for ten years in this station, but since recently at the "american desk" of the international service in Paris. She says, "The Christians are very numerous in the USA, and their influence grow in the American policy. That is why RFI decided to do a report about this community, among others." She will also be sending reports "about the latinos in Florida, the democrats in Boston, the supporters of GW Bush in Texas."

Bon jour!


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