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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

American Candidate Update

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Update on "American Candidate" reality show.
It's almost the end of the American Candidate Race. Last week, it was America's turn to vote. The remaining three candidates, Lisa, Park and Malia, are at the Patriotic Hall in Los Angeles waiting to hear the results of vote. Montel introduces Lisa, Park, and Malia and tells them, "America voted to determine which two of you will advance to the great debate and which one of you will be off the ballot."

Montel turns to each candidate to reveal the final results. Montel states, "It was an incredibly close race." With 36.3% of the votes, the new frontrunner is Park. In second place, with 33.6% of the vote is Malia. Lisa comes in third with only 30. 9% of the vote and is off the ballot. Now, it's down to a Conservative, Park and a Progressive, Malia.
What a surprise. I really expected to see Lisa end up as the competition against Park. I even would have thought it would end up being Lisa and Malia except that I knew Park was in the final because he told me so.

Sunday night, October 10 will be the night we learn who got the most votes from this past Sunday's call in ballots. I have tried to get a hold of Park or James to get an update, but have been unable to do so. You can learn a little more about last Sunday's show here.


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