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Monday, October 04, 2004

NASCAR: What If vs. Chase - Races - Standings
The word was that the EA Sports 500 would shake things up in the Chase. It did. However, it wasn't the "Big One" that caused it. Jimmie Johnson - ouch!

RankChase StandingsPointsWhat If StandingsPoints
1Date Earnhardt Jr.5543Dale Earnhardt Jr.4044
2Kurt Busch5530Jeff Gordon4034
3Jeff Gordon5482Jimmie Johnson3868
4Mark Martin5432Kurt Busch3819
5Matt Kenseth5393Tony Stewart3766
6Tony Stewart5391Matt Kenseth3700
7Ryan Newman5384Elliott Sadler3668
8Elliott Sadler5377Mark Martin3630
9Jimmie Johnson5371*Jamie McMurray3585
10Jeremy Mayfield5214Ryan Newman3565
11* Kevin Harvick3549
12Jeremy Mayfield3446
*Not in the Chase for the Nextel Cup

So, how did all this match up with my earlier predictions based on past average finishes?

1Dale Earnhardt Jr.Dale Earnhardt Jr.
2Jeff GordonKurt Busch
3Kurt BuschJeff Gordon
4Jimmie JohnsonMark Martin
5Mark MartinMatt Kenseth
6Ryan NewmanTony Stewart
7Elliott SadlerRyan Newman
8Tony StewartElliott Sadler
9Matt KensethJimmy Johnson
10Jeremy MayfieldJeremy Mayfield

Thank goodness there are no more restrictor plates! DEI is just way above everyone else on plate tracks. HMS has closed the gap, but Gordon has no friends. You can't win without friends at Talladega.


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