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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Something in the works

No ride today. Just didn't have the time. Still, some cycling related stuff here...

I've started reading Lance Armstrong's War. I'll give a review of the book when I'm done. Honestly, it has been hard getting into it. After all the doping and reading David Walsh's book, it is hard to not look at Lance (and this book) without a little skepticism.

I think I should be able to let you know soon of another opportunity I may get to write about cycling stuff. I should know more tomorrow and I'll give you a heads up. It really won't change too much of what I am doing now - just give me another avenue to spread the word about cycling and, I hope, open some more opportunities for me to meet more people in the Upstate cycling scene.

Oh, and here are my numbers for today - Morning weight/heart rate: 169.8/53 and Evening weight/heart rate: 171.6/58.

Two days now until the Time Trial. Three days until the Road Race and P3 Ride - my Ride for Mike. Weather wise, things are looking pretty good. How does highs in the low to mid 80's sound! There is some chances for thunderstorms, but most likely those won't get in the way.



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