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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Don't give evangelicals all the credit

I continue to hear that the "evangelical vote" is what got Bush the election. I think the "evangelical vote" is being over emphasized. It is kind of like a football game. When the kicker wins the game on a last second field goal, he gets carried of the field and celebrated. However, it is a team effort. Voting is a team effort. While the evangelicals may have helped, they were only one lineman on the 11 man offense.

I think there is a reason that this voting segment is getting so much play. It is because they are easy to demonize. The Democrats can play to their more liberal side by saying, "It was those wacko fundamentalists who put George Bush in office. They are controlling the country! We are the only ones left to save you!" Because seriously religious people are some of the least understood people in the MSM, it is easy for them to be sterotypied and used as the boogie man.

What about the higher turnout of hispanics? What about the increased (while not as much so) vote of black voters? These are just some of the other players who helped take the ball over the goal line. The voters who put Bush over the line were not so narrow a segment as the Democrats and MSM would have us believe.


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