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Friday, October 22, 2004

Martinsville Predictions - Races - Standings

Oops. I forgot to publish my "What If vs. Current Standings" table. Rather than taking the time to format a table, I'll let you go check it out at

However, I thought I would go ahead and publish the "Average Finishes" predictions for Martinsville. Let me tell you, this prediction list is not correct. Last weeks actually came out pretty close, but I just can't see this one happening. We'll see...
DriverPts. InAvg. Pts.Pts. OutPts. Dif.
Dale Earnhardt Jr.59921666158
Kurt Busch5965115608078
Jeff Gordon59121366048110
Tony Stewart57971515948210
Elliott Sadler57941015895263
Jimmie Johnson57591365895263
Mark Martin57781145892266
Matt Kenseth57631285891267
Ryan Newman56841055789369
Jeremy Mayfield5575745649509

If you don't know how this works, I take the points from the last number of races at Martinsville where all the current Chase drivers have competed head to head. In the case of this coming race, that would be a total of five races.


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