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Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I love putting numerical titles on my blog. Normally it means that something good has happened. Well, this time it's because I now have my Assault on Mount Mitchell rider's number.


Ok, go ahead and laugh at me for making such a big deal of this. You have to understand what getting that number means to me. Before I ever started riding my road bike, I was aware of this century that seemed like an epic feat to me.

When I first started riding in 2006 I still thought the mountain ride was beyond me. Then I started reading accounts of people who had made the ride and talked with those who made it to the top. By the time of the 2007 Assault, I started to realize that it was certainly possible.

I started making my plans to do the ride in 2008 at that time. I finished the Assault on Marion in 3'45" and watched the Mitchell riders keep going on their way. At that time I knew I could make it.

I'll be 40 by that time and the ride will be a great birthday accomplishment. So there's several reasons why this number means a lot to me. Let's go!



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