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Thursday, January 27, 2005

UCLA Comes to the Upstate

What a busy last several days for me! With Bob Jones III announcing his retirement and the transition to the new president here at BJU, it has been pretty busy. Of course, being busy is fun, but it doesn't give me much opportunity to pop something up on

There is a little break this morning, so I thought I would mention something I will be doing today. A graduate student from UCLA will be in the Upstate today. We'll be having lunch together and I'll be taking him around the campus here and show him around Greenville.

We'll be talking about a thesis for his doctoral work. He wants to do a study of areas of the country that have made shifts in political control - specifically from Democrat to Republican. He is curious about how this came about.

I guess he contacted BJU because we have been in the news lately. However, he does not plan to limit his conversations to people here.

I will admit that I am a little wary of this process. Somethings I have found on the Web make me wonder if he is approaching this with less than an open mind. I expressed this concern to him...we will see...


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