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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Junior's going to make it all right

Repentant Junior still feels penalty was wrong

I'm not a rock fan. My musical tastes lie elsewhere. However, while watching NASCAR I kept hearing Sheryl Crow singing a song on a Wrangler commercial featuring Dale Earnhardt Jr. I couldn't figure out what she was saying but could tell it had something to do with film star Steve McQueen and "fast machine." "What is she saying?" I thought to myself. So I did a Google search and found the lyrics.

I thought it was ironic that the second stanza goes like this:
Like Steve McQueen
All I need's a fast machine
I'm gonna make it all right
Like Steve McQueen
Underneath your radar screen
You'll never catch me tonite o I ain't takin' s*** off no one
Baby that was yesterday
I'm an all American rebel
Making my big getaway
Yeah you know it's time
I gotta fly
I wonder if the commercial played this stanza, would Junior lose another 25 points? :-)

Here's hopin' Gordon will have the "fast machine" and make those 25 lost points moot.


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