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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Some Paris Mountain trail video

I came across these videos on Youtube. They are of a relaxed ride through a couple of the mountain bike trails in the Paris Mountain State Park. Enjoy!

The last time I tried to record a ride on the trails I think I shook my camera into stupidity because I couldn't get the video to convert. Seeing this makes me want to give it another try. Maybe if I use a demo bike from Sunshine instead of my old rattle-trap, I'll be able to make it without all the shaking!

I'd love to give better credit to the guy who recorded this, but he hasn't responded to me yet. I think it would be cool if we both went and recorded together. I'm also interested in knowing what camera he is using.

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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Now that was a lot better

It was Monday when I last rode my bike. It wasn't so much fun as I was getting beat to death by the roots in Timmons Park. Tonight was a different story.

First of all, my bike was working much better. I think the main issue on Monday I had with my gears was the fact that my rear wheel skewer came loose. It got the chain messed up with the gearing and I never was able to get it to shift correctly. I took it back to Sunshine and wouldn't you know it, Gary put the bike up and the shifters worked flawlessly. He tried all kinds of things to duplicate my problem, but it didn't happen. Best I can figure, it is user error.

Well, tonight I headed over to Cleveland Park and did the Eagle trail there near the Veterans' Memorial. This trail was built by an Eagle Scout since the last time I was riding a couple of years ago. I then headed over to the other side of the park and picked up the original Eagle Trail that runs from the tennis courts over to the McDaniel side of the park.

Once I got over McDaniel Ave. (actually you go under it) I picked up the walking/riding trail that takes you to the Reedy River Park. Then it was on to the new "rails to trails" section that heads out toward Travelers Rest. On the map, you can see that it appears I was riding on a train track!

Coming back I adjusted my route so that I could come back over the Liberty Bridge. It was so cool! I was all along on the span. As you ride along the curved structure it looks like you are riding on a beam of light. The neon lights beneath the hand rails reflect off of the polished concrete.

Unfortunately, my battery went dead as I was coming back into town. I had to keep turning off my light so the battery would save up some juice. I would then turn the light back on when I got beneath the trees. Thankfully, it didn't go completely dark until I was almost done.

There is still one trail left for me to chart with my GPS. All together, it makes for a nice easy ride that you can get done in under an hour from the time you drive into the park and drive out.


Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Last night I decided to take my mountain bike out for a shakedown ride. Sunshine had just overhauled the bike last week. The bottom bracket was replaced along with the cables and shifters. Things seemed to be in working order. So I hit the trail.

Since it was turning dark, I put a light on my helmet. Before the ride was over I definitely needed it. Thankfully, the battery was still good after sitting for several years without use.

Timmons Park was not good. Now I remember why I stopped riding there. I think lots of other people have stopped going there as well. In some cases there is no trail where there once was one. The hill sides are simply eroded to the point where it is mess. The roots that have been exposed make it not fun to ride.

Even with my full suspension bike I was taking quite a beating. My fingers had been feeling much better the last couple of days, but that ride really stressed them. This morning I'm feeling it.

I was picking my way through some of the remaining trail and recreating a trail where there once was one. In some cases, I was just pointing my wheel through some trees and hoping there was an opening on the other side. In some ways that was fun but I had gone out there hoping I would be flowing along some single track.

The bike needs some adjustments. The gears were garbage. I had to fight them into each ring and it was making a racket. The rear brake worked just fine, but it sounded like it was screaming as the pads gripped the rim. I'm not sure why. I do recall that my son had poured chain lube all over my back wheel. Maybe some residue remained.

I know this sounds negative, but really I got enough of a taste to remember what riding my MB used to be. It is going to be fun to get the bike out to a place like Paris Mountain State Park. I'll have to get the gear issues resolved and then give it a try.