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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Great... to bad... to worse... to okay

What a rush to see Kurt Busch's engine go! All of a sudden, Jeff Gordon was number one in the points standings.

Then Gordon started fading back. Things went from great to bad.

Then Gordon had to go to the garage to replace some of his drive train. Things went from bad to worse.

Then Earnhardt went into the wall and finished one position ahead of Gordon. Things went from worse to okay.

Gordon is very close to being on track to overtake Kurt Busch. He accomplished his required 24 point gain. Of course, now he has to contend with Johnson and Busch. Still, he is in there. Three more races to make it happen.

What an up and down day topped off with a Hendrick win. If you are a fan of the 24, 5, or 25, you can't help but be moved by the finish.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Connor Barth article

Connor kicks back

I had to go back and find the article about Barth. It was in the Herald Sun on October 28th. Neil Amato wrote, "Connor Barth hasn't attempted a late-game, hamstring-tightening kick yet for North Carolina.

"But he's ready for that scenario should he be needed after passing nearly every other kicking test so far for the Tar Heels."

Could a 7 - 4 season actually be possible? Virginia Tech (at home), Wake Forest and Duke (both on the road). We'll see...

Tar Heels Beat Miami! - NCF - College Football - Game Update

Wow. The full moon was last night, wasn't it? What a game!

I was excited about the first drive Carolina had. When Miami turned around and scored right away, I thought to myself that this was just going to be another one of those games where the UNC offense would play adequately and the defense would allow Miami to score at will.

I was wrong. The defense played well enough and the offense played inspired. I remember reading about Connor Barth last week. He was dreaming about the opportunity to kick a winning field goal in an important game. Hey, surfer dude, you got your wave!

Hey, how 'bout Bunting now? Stat of the game: FIRST WIN OVER A TOP FIVE PROGRAM IN UNC HISTORY.

Friday, October 29, 2004

For BJU folks - Hannity & Colmes

I didn't catch the show, but I hear that BJU got a mention on the Hannity and Colmes show on the 26th. Here is part of the transcript:
HANNITY: And another page tonight from the HANNITY AND COLMES notebook.

Although he is retiring, South Carolina Senator Fritz Hollings, well, he is still making news. Both candidates to replace Hollings in South Carolina were asked yesterday about the senator's recent comment calling the leadership of Bob Jones University, quote, jackasses.

Now, Republican Jim DeMint, he said the comments were a, quote, terrible thing, while Democrat Inez Tenenbaum said that she wasn't familiar with the remarks.
Nothing new here.

Here you go. This is another story about Karen Armstrong. I'm reading through some of her work and hope to at some point share some thoughts on it. This particular piece is a little easier to swallow. However, it also raises other issues.

First, she says, "When you attack a fundamentalist movement it becomes more extreme, which has implications for us today." I have to ask here. How has Fundamentalism become more extreme? Fundamentalism has remained pretty consistent (if anything becoming less separated). Perhaps they simply seem more extreme because they have remained consistent while the cultures around them have changed.

She goes further and gives us a little more insight into her statement, "Membership in al-Qaida has greatly increased, I've been told, since the beginning of the Iraq war," she said. "When people feel their backs are to the wall they will, sadly, lash out violently." Ahhhhh, now we see what she means. If this is the case, then PLEASE stop lumping al-Quida with Fundamentalism (Christian fundamentalism). She has no proof whatsoever that Fundamentalism has "lash[ed] out violently."

Second, in this article, she is given credit for the idea that "for modernity to take hold, two essential ingredients are needed: independence (social, political, religious and intellectual) and innovation." Let's see, does Fundamentalism stand against social, political, religious and intellectual independence? Nope. They certainly stand for the right to participate but that comes with the obvious understanding that our rights depend on the rights of others. Then innovation - I can tell you beyond a doubt that Fundamentalists are NOT against innovation. She invokes the name of Bob Jones University, so I will use BJU as an example. There are any number of innovations on the campus. Not the least of these is BJU's distance learning system. The University is a leader in the use of this technology to provide education to over 35,000 people each day (and the number grows).

The bottom line is that people like Armstrong sit in their ivory towers and draw their conclusions without seeing how those people they claim to experts on actually live.

Finally, my BJU friends, you may have happened across The Moderate Independent piece with the same tired old charge against Bush, "Bush went to the racist and segregationist Bob Jones University in South Carolina; then he said he shouldn't have." Yes. We know that even at the time he came to BJU the school was not segregated - and for that matter rascist (though segregation is an objective measurable thing while rascism is subjective). Note, here, and the thing that bothers me is that the article insinuates that BJU is CURRENTLY racist and segregated.

Proof please.

Atlanta average finish predictions

Atlanta Motor Speedway

I'm quickly learning that you can't predict finishes for a Nextel Cup race by looking at past finish averages. Still, it is a fun exercise to see what would happen if it were possible to predict -- though it wouldn't be very fun if you knew for sure that is how the race would end up.

Here is the chart for Atlanta. Gordon and Earnhardt fans could take heart. Both of them add some friction to the Busch Express. Both drivers cut the required number of points into Busch's lead in order to unseat him from the top spot.
RankDriverPts. NowPts. Avg.Pts. OutPts. Behind
1Kurt Busch60151276142Leader
2Jeff Gordon5919153607270
3Dale Earnhardt Jr.5890169605983
4Jimmie Johnson58081335941201
5Tony Stewart57691695938204
6Matt Kenseth57551495904238
7Mark Martin5791985889253
8Ryan Newman57491325881261
9Elliott Sadler57601135873269
10Jeremy Mayfield56511195770372

Qualifying is next...

Listen to Professor Hanson, please

Victor Davis Hanson on Election 2004 on National Review Online

Everyone should read this article. Just click on the above link and read it. But if you won't read it there, at least read and heed the last two paragraphs.
In short, the more sophisticated, the more technological, the more hyped and televised war becomes, the more pundits and strategists warn us about "fourth-generational," "asymmetrical," "irregular," and "new dimensional" conflict, the more we simply forget the unchanging requisite of the will to win that trumps all other considerations. John Kerry has no more secret a plan than George Bush — because there is no secret way to pacify Iraq other than to kill the killers, humiliate their cause through defeat, and give the credit of the victory, along with material aid and the promise of autonomous freedom, to moderate Iraqis. Victory on the battlefield — not the mysterious diplomacy of "wise men," or German and French sanction, or Arab League support — alone will allow Iraq an opportunity for humane government.

Meanwhile, we all vote. One candidate urges us to return to the mindset of pre-September 11 — law enforcement dealing with terrorists as nuisances. He claims the policies that have led to an absence of another attack at home, the end of the Taliban and Saddam Hussein, idealistic efforts to extend freedom, and radical and positive changes in Pakistan, Libya, the West Bank, and the Gulf have made things worse. In contrast, the other reminds us that we are in a real war against horrific enemies and are no longer passive targets, but will fight the terrorists on their home turf, win, and leave behind humane government. No choice could be clearer. It is America's call.
Which America will show up to the polls this Tuesday? Will we be the decendents of those who faced down the evils of their day to show that America is truly unique among the nations? Will we be a new breed that pulls the covers over our heads to seek the comfort of ease?

28,000 "imaginary" voters found

Increase In Registered S.C. Voters Bigger Than First Thought

Recently the South Carolina Democratic Party smirked at the South Carolina Republicans for registering 28,000 imaginary new voters. Problem is, Wyeth didn't take into account the recent purging of the voter records in 2001. More than 315,000 inactive voters were purged.

So, the "imaginary" voters have been found. The Republicans looked in the backyard while they were greeting people at the front door. Wow, that is a pretty big backyard! Several hundred thousand people did not update their records or failed to vote in two consecutive general elections.

Now, everyone seems to be crowding in the livingroom! The Associated Press reported yesterday that state voter registration is up to almost 2.32 million over 1.98 million active voters in 2002. A net gain of about 17 percent in registered voters is significant. It is a sign of the interest in this election.

Now we just have to wait and see for whom those voters cast their ballots.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Your great grandma was a hobbit - not

Dwaft skeleton shakes evolutionary tree

Puhleeze! I know. I am a religious nut. I am intellectually backward. I am arguing with the "truth" of science. I know all of that, so don't fill my email box with trying to convince me of it.

I can't help it, though, the whole concept of evolution is so stupid. After reading stuff like this, I am more convinced then ever that evolution is nothing more than a postmodernist attempt to avoid the concept of a creator. They fumble around like little kids in a dark wood. They stumble upon one interesting tidbit after another contradicting themselves and contantly coming up with this new theory and that one - always building on an earlier theory that they have never proven. Before long the initial theory gets labeled as fact. However, logic is obvious - if you start with a false premise, you end up with a false conclusion.

So, let's grant that anthropologists have found a group of bones that point to a particular group of human beings with a particular bone structure. How on earth does that lead to the following conclusion? “This finding really does rewrite our knowledge of human evolution,” said Chris Stringer, who directs human origins studies at the Natural History Museum in London. “And to have them present less than 20,000 years ago is frankly astonishing.” Ah, this statement is made because of the following:
It smashes the long-cherished scientific belief that our species, Homo sapiens, systematically crowded out other upright-walking human cousins beginning 160,000 years ago and that we’ve had Earth to ourselves for tens of thousands of years.
Note the use of the word belief. Here is an example of one of those theories that is used as a fact on which other theories are built. It is as though these "scientists" think to themselves, "If we can just bury the original bogus theory far enough underneath succeeding theories, we can get people to forget about all the holes in the original claim."

Bombard people with an overload of information. Claim that you have intellectual superiority and those who question you are dumb. It is the postmodernist way.

Stamping on the discent

Metrobeat: District 18

Shannon strikes at Selby - a write-in candidate he has no great love for.
A group of Bob Jones University employees started a write-in campaign on Selby's behalf under the apparent theory that representative government in Greenville County will perish without retired police officer Selby around to make derogatory comments about Martin Luther King.
Now, James, James, is this really what they say? If MetroBeat is to ever be taken seriously, it would help you to not misrepresent and put your cutesy delusions where they don't belong.
A spokesman [that would be me] for Bob Jones acknowledged the employment status of the write-in group members, but insists their efforts have no official connection with the school.
First, it isn't just BJU employees starting the write-in campaign. Second, I wonder if employees of Furman were involved in starting a write-in campaign, would Shannon try to make such a big point of it? His obvious intent is to insinuate that what I told him is not correct. Hey, James, you calling me a liar?
In a curious twist, Selby himself took an oath when he became a Republican candidate not to engage in this sort of activity, but the movement continues.
Here you go again. Selby has no connection to this campaign. I know you just can't accept that, but it is the simple, unvarnished truth - I am not a liar. The write-in campaign would go forward even if Selby asked it to stop.
The question now is whether Selby will siphon enough votes away from Trout to tip the election to White. The write-in process is cumbersome enough to ensure that probably won't happen, and Trout has another potential advantage with voters who don't traditionally vote Republican but came out in the primary to defeat Selby. After the Selby campaign repeatedly scorched Trout with vicious personal attacks, the perception was that Trout emerged even stronger from this trial by fire. Once you have walked through the fire with a candidate, it makes it a little more difficult to then turn around and discard him because of his party label.
I actually find myself somewhat in agreement with the general point of this analysis. However, once again Shannon has convinced himself of an "untruth." Selby's campaign did not attack Trout with "vicious personal attacks." Yes, there were some people who did so - but it was not the Selby campaign. Selby had the information but made a decision not to use it. Do I wish that he would have spoken out against the attack on Trout? Sure, but that does not mean that Selby was behind the mailings that came out seeking to undermine Trout.

Trout finds the democratic process to be embarrassing? This from the Greer Citizen:
Trout calls the [Selby] write-in campaign "an embarrassment for the people of District 18 and an extreme embarrassment for the Republican Party. I think this committee is the same bunch who mailed out that hate letter about me before the last runoff."
Let's see...what are these folks doing that is illegal or unethical? How is participating in the process in a reasonable and tactful way embarrassing? Why is Trout concerned about the reputation of the Republican Party? He came along to the Party a little late and calls himself an "independent" Republican. You may not like what these folks are doing, but embarrassing?

Of course, I can't let his spurious comment about the CCG go by without comment. The "group" didn't even exist before the primary - it didn't even form until weeks after the primary. This group could not be responsible for the "hate letter." Also, I make no apologies that I am friends with the members of this group and I know beyond a doubt that Trout's "thinking" about the group is false.

My understanding is that Selby won't even be in the area on the day of the election. He will be gone visiting a sick relative. Man, I know a write-in win is nearly impossible, but after watching all of this unfold it sure would be neat to see the campaign succeed.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The Tar Heels really are not good this year. There really are no excuses to be made for them, but you do have to have an once of sympathy for these guys. To compound their problems they find out this week that they have been handed the toughest schedule in college football.

You know, a 5 - 6 season doesn't seem so bad when you look at it that way.

Does Gordon stand a chance?

It all seems so unimportant after the events of this past weekend, but I noticed a poll on today that had some interesting results. 45% of those participating in the online poll believe Gordon's chances of catching Kurt Busch for the Chase Championship are "Strong". 29% say the chances are "Fair".

I'm afraid I had to join the 17% who think his chances are "Slim". It isn't that I want to make that choice or that I don't hope I am wrong. It is just that looking at the numbers, it doesn't seem very likely. Ironically, at this point in the season, Gordon needs to make up 24 points per race to beat Busch.

It is actually possible for Busch to have top 10 finishes and Gordon still win. If Busch averages fifth place for every race, Gordon will need to win every remaining race. If Busch gets varying finishes between 10th and 5th place with one "mulligan" finish of 15th or farther back, then Gordon could get by with one win and some solid top five and top ten finishes.

Possible? Certainly. Plausible? A qualified yes. Probable? Slim.

I took a look at the average finishes for the remaining races. If each driver - Gordon, Busch and Earnhardt - finish with their averages for those races the final championship standings would be:

1. Kurt Busch - 6562
2. Jeff Gordon - 6490 (72 points back)
3. Dale Earnhardt Jr. - 6460 (102 points back)

Here's hopin' Gordon pulls it off - but he will need some help from Busch.

NAACP calls on government to control church decision?

NAACP: Election changes will confuse, disenfranchise voters

Okay, if I were a member of the NAACP, I would be looking for a new representative. Mr. Guy seems to want to say those he claims to represent are ignorant. And then he says things such as this from The Greenville News...
Guy said one polling place, Forest Hills Baptist Church, changed its name to Disciples Fellowship Baptist Church since voting cards were printed last week. "This mistake is another example of the Election Commission's late and confusing efforts to disenfranchise voters in Greenville County," Guy said.
Now, what exactly was the mistake - that he allowed Forest Hills Baptist Church to change its name? Do we assume that Guy wanted Conway Belangia to interfere in the decision of a church?

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Thanks, DeMint and Tenenbaum

Senate candidates avoid hot topics in S.C. debate

The two candidates were asked about "Fritz" Hollings' recent statement calling the people at Bob Jones University "jackasses."

Charlotte Observer quotes Tenenbaum: "We worked very closely with (Bob Jones) to help them develop their program for teacher education and prepare teachers to be excellent teachers in our classroom," Tenenbaum said. "So that's my experience with Bob Jones."

I have to comment on that one. BJU education graduates are some of the most sought after in the state. They regularly are awarded county and statewide awards - such as Teacher of the Year. However, the State Department of Education has had nothing to do with that success. If anything, BJU is constantly battling to keep the State Department of Education from passing regulations that would alter the school's educational philosophy.

So, while I appreciate Tenenbaum's kind words. Her statement isn't exactly correct. Of course, I'm not sure exactly what she said because The State quotes her saying something different.

Candidates asked about Hollings’ comment on university

Tenenbaum: “Bob Jones University has worked with us in terms of teacher education. We have worked very hard with them.”

That quotation seems more accurate with reality.

So, what did DeMint say? He said Hollings’ observation “was just a terrible thing ... I’ve never seen any hint of discrimination or bad feelings (at the school). They’re an asset to South Carolina.”

On the humorous side, I had someone tell me what I should have said when asked to comment on Sen. Hollings' statement. "It takes one to know one." Of course, being the tactful guy that I am...

Monday, October 25, 2004

Nordlinger Gives a Laugh

Jay Nordlinger's Impromptus on National Review Online: "In last Thursday's Impromptus, I published a letter containing the old wisdom, 'Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he'll eat for life.' Another reader wrote, 'I think the more appropriate line about fishing is, 'Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he'll try to replace you with someone who'll give him fish every day.''

And still another reader wrote, 'Here in Wisconsin, we say, 'Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he'll stay out on the lake all day drinking beer.''"

NASCAR "What If" Standings

1Jeff Gordon4471Leader
2Dale Earnhardt Jr.439180
3Jimmie Johnson4305166
4Kurt Busch4304167
5Tony Stewart4144327
6Matt Kenseth4062409
7Jamie McMurray*4053418
8Elliott Sadler4051420
9Mark Martin3989482
10Ryan Newman3930541
11Jeremy Mayfield3834637
* Non Chase Driver

The average race predictions for Martinsville were pretty far off! The bottom of the Chase drivers were the same in positions, but above that things changed alot. Only Jeff Gordon and Matt Kenseth finished within 10 points of their average finish for Martinsville (Gordon 7 pts. better / Kenseth 8 pts. worse). With those near average finishes, Gordon gained one spot and Kenseth lost one. Hardest hit was Earnhardt finishing 102 points off his average. Most improved? Jeremy Mayfield who scored 76 points above his average. You can throw Kurt Busch's average finish predictions out the window. He is on a rail!

The Difference

From the email box:

A Republican and a Democrat were walking down the street when they came to a homeless person. The Republican gave the homeless person his business card and told him to come to his business for a job. He then took twenty dollars out of his pocket and gave it to the homeless person.

The Democrat was very impressed, and when they came to another homeless person, he decided to help. He walked over to the homeless person and gave him directions to the welfare office. He then reached into the Republican's pocket and gave the homeless person fifty dollars.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

HMS Plane Goes Down

Hendrick Motorsports Plane Crashes

Just before leaving to go to church tonight, I watched Jimmie Johnson win the Subway 500. He did no go to Victory Lane and NASCAR announced that a Hendricks Motor Sports plane was missing from radar shortly before the race began. I wondered who might have been on the plane and what happened to make it go missing.

Once I got home I learned what had happened and about the ten people whose lives were lost. Suddenly, the points race doesn't mean that much. I'm certain Jimmie, Jeff, Rick and the others would be more than happy to have pulled in DNFs.

Funny, I've never met them before in my life, and yet my heart goes out to them.

Sunday Morning Sermon

Second Generation Struggle

An encouraging sermon this morning pointing out our need to make sure that we continue to have encounters with the Lord. Why is it that "second generation" Christians have struggles? Here is the why and how to begin seeing blessings like Jacob did.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Martinsville Predictions - Races - Standings

Oops. I forgot to publish my "What If vs. Current Standings" table. Rather than taking the time to format a table, I'll let you go check it out at

However, I thought I would go ahead and publish the "Average Finishes" predictions for Martinsville. Let me tell you, this prediction list is not correct. Last weeks actually came out pretty close, but I just can't see this one happening. We'll see...
DriverPts. InAvg. Pts.Pts. OutPts. Dif.
Dale Earnhardt Jr.59921666158
Kurt Busch5965115608078
Jeff Gordon59121366048110
Tony Stewart57971515948210
Elliott Sadler57941015895263
Jimmie Johnson57591365895263
Mark Martin57781145892266
Matt Kenseth57631285891267
Ryan Newman56841055789369
Jeremy Mayfield5575745649509

If you don't know how this works, I take the points from the last number of races at Martinsville where all the current Chase drivers have competed head to head. In the case of this coming race, that would be a total of five races.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Skipping a MetroBeat

District 18: Trout, White...and Selby?

I just got off the phone about a half an hour ago with James Shannon, editor of Greenville's MetroBeat. It was an interesting conversation.

James didn't give me much background, only that he was calling because of a recent filing with the State's Ethics Commission. He then started asking me some rather short questions to confirm this or that - specifically concerning those BJU employees who have helped form the Citizens for a Conservative Greenville. Bottom line is that these guys are trying to do everything they can to keep things above board and one of the first things they did was file with the Ethics Commission - unlike an earlier group on the other side, Citizens for a Better Greenville.

I could hear the conspiracy wheels turning even over the phone line. You could sense that he was thinking that there was some sort of active connection between Bob Jones University and this new group. He even seemed to want to draw the connection that Bob Taylor, Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences and current County Councilman, might have some kind of puppet-string control over the organization since Jim Knisely, one of the members of the organization is a mathematics teacher in that school.

I have to chuckle as I think about it, because I get to see this from both sides. It is true that these guys are employees at BJU, but they did not form their organization in that context. It just so happens that the connections where made because some of the members attend the same church in Greer. It was after those church "parking lot conversations" after services that the idea originated. I know because it is my church that they attend. Sure, some other BJU folks from District 18 have joined up - but so have others not related to BJU.

Bob Jones didn't even know anything about this until those guys who work at BJU realized that it would be wise not to have him blindsided by the news when it hit the fan. So, he was notified about what they were doing, but that is as far as it went. That is the extent of the Bob Jones University administration involvement.

Do I think that these guys will succeed? As I said on The Common Voice, history certainly is against them. However, I do admire them for getting involved and not just talking about it. I admire the desire to do it right and ethically. I admire their willingness to throw themselves into the meat grinder when they know that people are going to want to accuse them of being motivated by the Martin Luther King, Jr. issue (which I know for a fact not to be the case).

It isn't my battle. I'm not a District 18 voter. However, it is kind of fun to be an observer. My only question at the moment is, "How will James Shannon write this one up in MetroBeat?"

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Helping Tabby

Backcountry Conservative: Charleston Help Needed - Another Tabby Update

I got the following in my mailbox today from Jeff Quinton, aka. Backcountry Conservative:
I don't know if you've read my posts recently about Operation Give bringing an Iraqi girl to Charleston for life-saving surgery she can't get over there, but she is arriving this Friday night. Sen. Dole has rushed through a visa for her father so he can join her and not have to come later, so Operation Give has requested more financial and volunteer assistance.

An update is at

The links to information from Chief Wiggles and others in that post provide the background information. Links to my original posts have the flight arrival information for Charleston this Friday night.

The contact information for Chief Wiggles is found in the above link if you can help out. If not, please consider helping publicize the information on your blog or website. If you have any media contacts you can pass the word on to feel free. I think the Post & Courier may already be working on it.

Check it out and spread the word!

Today's BJU Links

Family affair -

This story mentions one of the 22,000 home school students who receive some part of their education through the Bob Jones University Press distance learning program. It also is an article that shows the mindset of many in public education. Grrrrr.

Warfare against religious extremists strengthens their cause, scholar asserts

I won't comment on this one other than to point you to my response that appears on The Common Voice. Click here to read my response "Intelligent Ignorance."

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Greenville connection to crack story

Voter fraud case traced to Defiance County registrations volunteer

Okay, so maybe there isn't a direct connection to Greenville and the case of the guy getting votes for crack. However, I did come across a Greenville connection in the story:
The Ohio Republican Party immediately seized on the scandal. In a statement issued hours later, spokesman Jason Mauk cited the case in claiming that "the effort to steal Ohio's election is under way, and it's being driven exclusively by interest groups working to register Democrat voters."
Jason Mauk, mentioned here, is a 1996 graduate of Bob Jones University as well as a past intern at WORD 1330 AM. He is now Communications Director for the Ohio Republican Party.

Great news for Junior fans!

The Official Site of Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Credit AP    
Exciting news for Dale Earnhardt Jr. fans! Budweiser has unveiled a new Dale Earnhardt Jr. "8-pack" in selected racing markets and in all race markets beginning 2005.

Junior race fans are ecstatic, "Oh, man!" said Bud Stud upon learning of the announcement, "This is great! I can't wait for it to be sold in the Dega market! We can still drink a six pack and have two left to throw at Jeff Gordon!"

Greenville County voting goes high tech

How To Vote | Voter Registration

Have you seen the new voting machines? As a techno geek, I think they are pretty cool. I tried one out the other day. It was pretty simple. Of course, I always thought the butterfly ballots were pretty simple as well.

Monday, October 18, 2004

BJU Link Today

Bush and the Schieffer brothers

Can someone explain this to me? This appears in Madison The Capital Times. It looks like some sort of "Ask an Expert" section. Here a person asks:
FYI: I heard that CBS newsman Bob Schieffer's brother is a crony of President Bush. If that's true, why was he allowed to moderate the third debate? No one with ties like that to John Kerry would have been allowed to moderate.

-- No longer undecided
Now, the answer follows. Of course, you can tell from the very first line that this "expert" is quite biased. Rethuglicans? However, I have to hand it to the guy that he didn't give the stereotypical description of BJU. He uses a description that appears on the University's own Web site - I guess he figures that decription is "bad" enough:
• Moderate and John Kerry do not go together, many Rethuglicans claim.

It's true about the Schieffers. Is it a stench connection? Maybe, maybe not, but it doesn't appear as pure as Caesar's wife.

From the U.S. State Department's Web site:

Tom Schieffer was sworn in as U.S. ambassador to Australia on Sept. 29, 2001, and still holds the job. "Ambassador Schieffer has one brother, Bob Schieffer, a journalist, who is the chief Washington correspondent for CBS News as well as the host for CBS's 'Face the Nation.'"

The ambassador has a law degree but, unlike dastardly John Edwards, has not been a trial lawyer. His past practice focused on "business transactions, particularly those associated with investments and oil and gas," his official biography says.

It adds, "In 1989, he was an investor in the partnership led by George W. Bush and Edward W. "Rusty" Rose that bought the Texas Rangers Baseball Club. He was designated as partner-in-charge of ballpark development in 1990. In January 1991, he was named president of the club, reporting directly to general partners Bush and Rose. ... When Bush was elected governor of Texas in 1994, Ambassador Schieffer assumed Bush's duties as general partner."

Back to brother Bob. When candidate Bush went to Bob Jones University ("A liberal arts, nondenominational Christian university, BJU stands without apology for the old-time religion and the absolute authority of the Bible") in 2000, moderator Schieffer mused:

"The notion that Bush is a Bible-thumping conservative Republican of that ilk is something that's sort of hard to believe."
Yuk. Yuk. Bob Jones = Bible-thumping? Again, it shows how little people actually understand about the place.

That's why they race the race

Gordon defies logic with runner-up finish

My wife told me when I expressed my displeasure for the bad start Jeff Gordon got off to Saturday night, "Well, you can just go to bed early tonight." Oh, no, you don't understand. It isn't over until it is over. I figured Gordon couldn't win, but I wanted to see how many positions he could pick up. So, I started watching the ticker as the NBC guys kept doing their stupid "Through the field."

Slowly but surely, Gordon began picking off one position after another. Once he took two positions in one lap. The commentators weren't watching him. Once they turned the camera to Gordon to find him on the outside of Bobby Labonte. "Ah, Gordon continues to struggle. Look, Bobby is passing him." No fella's, Gordon was passing him on the outside.

"Come on, come on, we need a caution!" I said to my TV (my wife had gone on to sleep). Low and behold, thanks to Jimmy Spenser, we got one! Gordon was back on the lead lap. From there something happened that I never expected. The 24 team ended with a second place finish - without a rear bumper. Who knows, maybe it helped.

Inez Taxenbaum

Inez Taxenbaum

A friend just passed along this site to me. Nice parody.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Sunday's Sermons

Sunday's Sermons

You can listen to the Sunday evening sermon by clicking on the above link. Also, if you scroll down the page you can also find that mornings sermon. "Endurance in the Ministry" was an encouraging message, but I know God was speaking to me in the morning message, "Sinners" Ministry Not Enemies." That sermon dealt with a topic I have been thinking a lot about recently. I even brought it up in my Sunday School lesson this morning. Little did I know it would be the topic of Pastor Chuck's message! Conincidence? If you want to think so...

Saturday, October 16, 2004

UAW-GM Quality 500 Average Finishes

UAW-GM Quality 500 Starting Grid

The starting grid is set for tonight's race at Lowe's Motor Speedway. Here are the "average finish predictions" for the race.

DriverPts. InPts. EarnedPts. Out Pts. Down
Kurt Busch56851065791 
Dale Earnhardt Jr.5656120577615
Jeff Gordon5606133573952
Tony Stewart55121355647144
Matt Kenseth55051405645146
Elliott Sadler5542905632159
Mark Martin5535955630161
Jimmie Johnson54381745612179
Ryan Newman54531345587204
Jeremy Mayfield5428965524267

Today's BJU Links

Fritz of the Tart Tongue

The Washington Post article referenced earlier has been republished in the Post & Courier. Nothing new there. Just glad they picked up the Post version and not The State's.

Vote to protect our freedoms

This is an opinion piece that appears in Fort Wayne's The Journal Gazette. He references BJU here:
When the Supreme Court ruled against Bob Jones University in 1983 concerning interracial dating, the court decided that government public policy takes precedent over religious beliefs and that the IRS can be used to enforce public policy, a potentially dangerous use of government power.
A reasoning article that makes some good points - though I am sure the liberals among us will say Mr. Morris is being paranoid.

I don't think so.

Friday, October 15, 2004

It all started with Nancy Pelosi...

HBO: Documentaries - Journeys with George

It started with Nancy Pelosi and ended up with a bust of The Jester by Sonnenfeld.

Nancy Pelosi had a daughter who grew up to become an employee of NBC. Alexandra Pelosi grabbed up a handheld camera and started filming George W. Bush during the 2000 election. The documentary first showed on HBO and is now available on DVD.

Alexandra traveled around with the press corp that followed Bush around in a bus and other means of transportation. She was one of the journalists that got off the bus when George W. Bush spoke in the Founders Memorial Amphitorium. She took some time to take her camera around the balcony mezzanine.

While a Mr. van der Werff from Aalten, The Netherlands was watching "Journeys with George" he noticed a familiar piece. It was a bust of The Jester by Gotthard Sonnenfeld. You can see a copy of Mr. van der Werff's piece above.

Sure enough there is a marble bust of The Jester in the mezzanine. It isn't varnished with color but is certainly a the same piece. It is funny how such connections can be made...from Nancy Pelosi to The Jester by way of George W. Bush.

John Kerry turns his back to God on the big issue

Jonah Goldberg on Kerry and Faith on National Review Online

Goldberg says it better. This is something that has already peeved me about liberals who invoke religion. While they don't want to have anyone allowing "faith" to direct them in such issues as abortion or homosexuality, they will call for adherence to "faith" when it comes to their socialistic issues. Here, why am I rehashing this? Jonah says it better.
What I do object to is this: While Kerry says he's opposed to 'legislating' his faith on abortion, he insists that he's in favor of legislating his faith elsewhere. He said more than once Wednesday night, and plenty of times on the stump, that faith must be backed up by deeds. His religious faith, he says, is 'why I fight against poverty. That's why I fight to clean up the environment and protect this earth. That's why I fight for equality and justice. All of those things come out of that fundamental teaching and belief of faith.'

So, let me get this straight. Fighting for the environment, equality, and education - in the name of God - is righteously doing the Lord's work, but abortion must be kept legal because otherwise we'd be legislating religion?
I can't help it, I have to add one thing. The socialistic ideas they wish to attribute to the Sermon on the Mount, were not ideas intended to be fulfilled by GOVERNMENT they were ideas intended to be fulfilled by INDIVIDUALS.

DeMint: Between a rock and a hard place

Paul J. Gessing on FairTax, Tax Reform, Inez Tenenbaum, and Jim DeMint on NRO Financial: "Inez Tenenbaum clearly hopes that voters don't understand basic economics and that they will forget about the price-ratcheting effect of producer, employee, and hidden consumer taxes buried in the current price of every good or service Americans purchase. Of course, economists understand the impact of hidden taxes, and their studies have shown that when these embedded taxes are removed, prices will come down."

Unfortunately, Inez is getting exactly what she wants. I have been approached more than once by people who are not "plugged in" to the issues. They are people who are not apathetic, they just put their focus in other areas of life. They are confused. They think DeMint is the liberal - not Inez. When I explain things to them they respond, "Well, he had better start explaining this to people!"

You have to hand it to Tenenbaum, she has hit an issue where she has been able to turn a positive into a negative for Jim DeMint. If DeMint starts trying to "explain" he will be put on the defensive and be forced to move resources into "reaction" mode. It is a dangerous situation for the congressman. Here's hopin' he can dig himself out of it.

It could be worse

Soon-to-retire Hollings not keeping quiet

Funny, I chuckled when I heard that Hollings called Bob Jones University a bunch of "jackasses". I guess when it comes to Hollings and the school there is one thing they have in common: both are known by some as an embarrassment to the state of South Carolina. It kind of goes along with what one person told me I should have said in response to Hollings' statement, "It takes one to know one."

My jocular mood changed when I read the piece that appears in today's The State. Lauren Markoe writes: "The school has a reputation for promoting regressive views on race." It may have that reputation, but it is only because of people like Markoe who really know nothing about Bob Jones University.

Even when the interracial policy existed the University did not overtly "promote regressive views on race." I'll be the first to admit that such a reputation doesn't exist because of nothing. My only problem with such statements is that it is an exaggeration. Besides, ignores completely what exists NOW.

I'm reminded of a saying by the founder of BJU, "Your reputation is what men think you are. Your character is what God knows you to be." People who take the time to know the school and don't depend on the lazy process of doing their research based only on Associated Press archives, understand that the institution is far more than the now defunct policy that people like Markoe just can't let go.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

DNC Confirms Drudge

Drudge reveals DNC election manual

I find it interesting that in response to the link and story Drudge gives on his site, the DNC simply does exactly what they describe in their manual. Rather than refuting the piece, they confirm it.

Hollings Unplugged

The Nitty-Gritty Senator (

I got a call from The State today. The reporter wanted to get a comment from Bob Jones University regarding statements Earnest "Fritz" Hollings made to her regarding the school. She pointed me to the above story as an example of some the type of comments he made.

The BJU quotation (he calls the administration "jackasses") doesn't bother me in the least. Been called worse. However, the rest of the interview is embarrassing! I wonder how many times he can use Jesus as a curse word? And there is more...

When asked for a comment, I had to pause. What do you say when someone calls you a jackass? So I said something like, "Hmmmm, how do you respond to that? I'm speechless. I guess I can say I'm not surprised. I would expect him to say something like that about Bob Jones University. We are a very conservative institution and we would not be in agreement with most of his positions."

I can't wait to read what he says about us in The State piece.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Fake Presidency, at Least, Captured by a Conservative

Fake Presidency, at Least, Captured by a Conservative

Well, how else did you expect him to win? How do you think anyone would win? Even the producer of the series understands:
R. J. Cutler, the documentary filmmaker who produced the series, said the left-leaning contestants sought to call on ideological allies as well.

"Our goal wasn't to determine who won," he said. "Our goal was to introduce new voices to American politics, and I am very proud of having done that."
I guess you could say it is art imitating life.

Keepin' up with Park

Practicing what he teaches led to victory on reality TV

Here is the first mainstream media piece on Park Gillespie's win on American Candidate. I thought it was very nice that he split the winnings with James. Hey, Park, hope that money your saving will help send your girls to your alma mater :-)

Be groovy.

Junior's going to make it all right

Repentant Junior still feels penalty was wrong

I'm not a rock fan. My musical tastes lie elsewhere. However, while watching NASCAR I kept hearing Sheryl Crow singing a song on a Wrangler commercial featuring Dale Earnhardt Jr. I couldn't figure out what she was saying but could tell it had something to do with film star Steve McQueen and "fast machine." "What is she saying?" I thought to myself. So I did a Google search and found the lyrics.

I thought it was ironic that the second stanza goes like this:
Like Steve McQueen
All I need's a fast machine
I'm gonna make it all right
Like Steve McQueen
Underneath your radar screen
You'll never catch me tonite o I ain't takin' s*** off no one
Baby that was yesterday
I'm an all American rebel
Making my big getaway
Yeah you know it's time
I gotta fly
I wonder if the commercial played this stanza, would Junior lose another 25 points? :-)

Here's hopin' Gordon will have the "fast machine" and make those 25 lost points moot.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Internet Issues

If you tried to access The Common Voice today, you might not have been able to bring it up in your browser. There appears to be a problem with an upstream provider to the server. This causes some people to be able to access the site while others, coming over a different route are able to see the site.

It is very frustrating!

Monday, October 11, 2004

Ouch. It hurt!

Remember my car I was so proud of? Well, "pride cometh before a fall." Check out what happened on my way back from Virginia.

WorldNetDaily: Christian wins TV White House

WorldNetDaily: Christian wins TV White House

Here is a link to the first Park Gillespie article other than the one posted on The Common Voice earlier today. I'm hoping to have a report of "Episode 10" from James Dockery that I will post on The Common Voice.

Actually, I'm not so sure we will hear very much about this because to my knowledge, Park does not have a press agent. It will be interesting to see what happens.

Could we see a debate like this?

Column: Debate game isn't as easy as you might think

While searching around the Web to find some more information on the Park Gillespie win last night, I found this column by Barbara Anderson. Here is what she said about Park:
If you are watching the amateurs on the cable channel's reality show, you won't be surprised to learn that I am rooting for Park Gillespie, the conservative candidate. I don't agree with him on all the social issues, but I admire his integrity and consistency, and I can't support Malia Lazu, the Boston liberal with the pierced tongue.

If you are not watching "American Candidate," you are now wondering: "Pierced tongue?" Never mind, the debate between the two pretend candidates was still easier to watch than the first real presidential debate. Park was not only very likable, he presented his positions well. Chip and I didn't have to yell instructions at the TV set.
But then I kept reading on and found the rest of her piece - and the main thrust of her column - to be worth reading. Check out. Maybe we could see a debate like this someday...

I doubt it.

Today's BJU link

Charlotte Observer: Charlotte is continuing to go up, out

Dream on, Mr. Robarchek.
But I digress. For years, people have warned that, if the unchecked growth continues, Charlotte could turn into Atlanta. Actually, given the way both cities are growing, there is more of a danger that Charlotte will run into Atlanta. Probably somewhere in Greenville, S.C. I can just picture Atlanta and Charlotte arguing over who gets Bob Jones University:

"You take it."

"No, you take it."

"No, we took Clemson. You gotta take it."
First, don't discount the Greater Greenville area. We're no stunted tree when it comes to growth. We can hold our own. Besides, being a regular visitor of both Atlanta and Charlotte - you can keep your city limits to yourself!

Second, you can make fun of Bob Jones University all you want, but the school has been a solid contributor to the Greenville community for over 50 years. Talk to employers here about what they think of BJU graduates and students - for that matter, you can ask any number of employers in Charlotte and Atlanta what they think about BJU alumni.

Of course, you would be too bigoted think outside your prejudiced little cubicle.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

What If vs. The Chase: After Kansas

Of course, there is the "bigger if" - What if Earnhardt didn't get docked those 25 points? Well, Busch would still lead in The Chase points by 4 points. Earnhardt would lead in the What If points by 24 points.

RankChase StandingsPointsWhat If StandingsPoints
1Kurt Busch5685Jeff Gordon4158
2Dale Earnhardt Jr.5656Dale Earnhardt Jr.4157
3Jeff Gordon5606Kurt Busch3974
4Elliott Sadler5542Jimmie Johnson3935
5Mark Martin5535Tony Stewart3887
6Tony Stewart5505Elliott Sadler3833
7Matt Kenseth5505Matt Kenseth3812
8Ryan Newman5453*Jamie McMurray3736
9Jimmie Johnson5438Mark Martin3733
10Jeremy Mayfield5428*Dale Jarrett3654
11Ryan Newman3634
12Jeremy Mayfield3611
*Not in the Chase for the Nextel Cup

Tar Heels Upend Wolfpack

Tar Heels Upend Wolfpack, 30-24

Way to go Heels! I was listening to this game on the radio on my way back from Virginia. While stuck in a traffic jam on I-77 just north of Charlotte, I heard the final seconds of the UNC vs. NCSU game. What a game! I told my wife, "Here we go again. They may have stopped them once, but I'm sure they won't stop TA twice in a row." Well, they proved me wrong.

and I couldn't be more glad...

Friday, October 08, 2004

Ol' Virginie Here I Come!

I'll be out and about this weekend. So, there won't be much blogging from this point until late Sunday. I'm headed to the Shenandoah Valley!

I'll be enjoying the Blue Ridge Parkway with all the leaves. My wife and I will be joining some friends as we take our convertibles for a spin.

Here are some pictures of my baby.

I hope you all have a great weekend! I know I will.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Inez Tickingbomb

The Ralph Bristol Show

I just heard a funny one on the Ralph Bristol show. A caller came on and spoke of a particular Senate candidate: "Mrs. TickingBomb". That tickled my funny bone...

Just and always, Carolina.

Bunting deserves more time

AMEN! to Ned Barnett of the Raleigh News Observer...

"What should matter most is that Bunting is a decent man running a clean program, a coach who sees the highest honor in his field as leading his alma mater. He doesn't aspire to coach at Texas, at Florida State, at Southern Cal. Just and always, Carolina."

Kansas Predictions

I did this back before the 'Dega race. I figured I would try the same thing for Kansas. This list only goes back two races because those two are the only ones where there were head-to-head matches between all of the drivers. It takes the average finishes over that period. Frankly, I was surprised at how accurate it turned out to be. Between 8 of the 10 drivers the standing was the same or off by only one. Only two drivers, Johnson and Kenseth, had a large jump - or drop.

Of course, "the curse" changed things as well...

After KansasAfter Talladega
Dale Earnhardt Jr.Kurt Busch
Jeff GordonDale Earnhardt Jr.
Kurt BuschJeff Gordon
Ryan NewmanMark Martin
Tony StewartMatt Kenseth
Mark MartinTony Stewart
Jimmie JohnsonRyan Newman
Matt KensethElliott Sadler
Elliot SadlerJimmie Johnson
Jeremy MayfieldJeremy Mayfield

IF the drivers finish with their average. Earnhardt comes out of Kansas leading Gordon by 1 point in the standings. Ryan Newman will move within 100 points of the leader. Jeremy Mayfield will fall to 236 points back.

We'll see what actually happens. That is why they race the race.

American Candidate to speak to Michigan Republicans

Park Gillespie - Your American Candidate

I received this message sent out to those on Park Gillespie's mailing list. He couldn't tell me very much in a personal message because he is under a media embargo at the moment. Got to be careful - don't want to lose that $200,000!
I can't thank you enough for all of your hard work on behalf of TRUTH! I look forward to seeing what Showtime is going to say about all this Sunday night at 9pm EDT. Throw a party and have some fun with the last episode (watch last weeks debate with those who didn't see it!), no matter what happens pray HE will be exalted!

I would ask your prayers for tomorrow at 5 [that is today] when I will be speaking to the Michigan State House Republicans. Frankly one of those focus groups from the show sounds easier at this point! It will be fine I know but I am asking for you to pray for favor and blessing to get accross a message of encouragement to these folks and lay a good foundation for the future. God has done many great things today in showing himself faithful in some very immediate needs that have been on my heart.

Please pray that HE will lead me into the right direction and that HE will be glorified in all of what is said and done (in all our lives).

I wish you every blessing that comes from our savior alone!

If you think of it, say a prayer for Park.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Jonah on the Veeps

Cheney the Veep Man

I enjoyed Jonah Goldberg's take on the Veep debate last night:
On substance Cheney was an incontrovertible winner on foreign policy. In the first half, Edwards was preening that he could remember the name of the pizza joint that got blown up in Israel. Anybody who's read foreign-policy theorists from Grotius to Kissinger fully knows that this is the stuff of statesmanship. Meanwhile, Cheney not only scored stronger and better points about what's going on in Iraq and Afghanistan, he managed to do it while simultaneously underscoring the Breck Guy's weakness and Kerry's inconstancy.

Cheney attacked Edwards for not showing up for his job, for not having a serious record, and for being a political weathervane. Edwards responded by attacking Cheney's record, which included voting against the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday and - shudder - meals-on-wheels. That's all fine. But Edwards's attack reinforced the image that Cheney is a man of conviction willing to buck politics for principle (He voted against meals on wheels!). Edwards meanwhile had no defense on the charge that he's a show pony, not a workhorse.

On domestic policy, which came in the second half, Edwards won marginally, but at that point it was clear that we were watching Serious Guy and his amusing sidekick.
Some other articles were also interesting in National Review Online's "Veep Night" section (such as these fun points from David Frum):
Yet Gwen Ifill in her question on flip-flopping suggested that Kerry's deep indecisiveness on the question of war or peace was no more serious than the Bush administration's internal debate over whether Homeland Security was best overseen by a secretary or an assistant to the president! Yes it's true: The Bush administration has sometimes changed its mind about how to fight this war. Kerry can't make up his mind whether to fight it--or even whether there's a war on or not.
and... have to say that he [John Edwards] would fill the role of First Lady much better than Teresa Heinz is likely to do. It would all have been very impressive--if Cheney's scalpel had not so swiftly and mercilessly sliced Edwards's living liver out of his body, impaled it quivering on a stick, and paraded it before Edwards' soulful eyes before the poor man expired.
I'm not so sure I agree - about the liver stuff - but still fun!

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

American Candidate Update

Showtime Screening Room | Video

Update on "American Candidate" reality show.
It's almost the end of the American Candidate Race. Last week, it was America's turn to vote. The remaining three candidates, Lisa, Park and Malia, are at the Patriotic Hall in Los Angeles waiting to hear the results of vote. Montel introduces Lisa, Park, and Malia and tells them, "America voted to determine which two of you will advance to the great debate and which one of you will be off the ballot."

Montel turns to each candidate to reveal the final results. Montel states, "It was an incredibly close race." With 36.3% of the votes, the new frontrunner is Park. In second place, with 33.6% of the vote is Malia. Lisa comes in third with only 30. 9% of the vote and is off the ballot. Now, it's down to a Conservative, Park and a Progressive, Malia.
What a surprise. I really expected to see Lisa end up as the competition against Park. I even would have thought it would end up being Lisa and Malia except that I knew Park was in the final because he told me so.

Sunday night, October 10 will be the night we learn who got the most votes from this past Sunday's call in ballots. I have tried to get a hold of Park or James to get an update, but have been unable to do so. You can learn a little more about last Sunday's show here.

Earnhardt Jr. fined $10,000, loses 25 points

Earnhardt Jr. fined $10,000, loses 25 points


I didn't think they would do it. Earnhardt nation will be up in arms! NASCAR, watch out for the beer bottles in Kansas!

Garbage or Green House

The South End Newspaper - News - OPINION - Bush supporters: See 'Fahrenheit 9/11'

This opinion writer says:
I used to work with someone who was a very conservative, very religious Republican. One day during a conversation, he mentioned to me that he threw away his television set. He couldn’t stand what he referred to as the “filth” that was on regular television (not to mention cable). I asked about public television and he replied that it was too liberal for him and his family.

He then proceeded to get a special receiver that only allowed access to three channels, all of which were broadcast by satellite from the controversial conservative college, Bob Jones University. This was the only entertainment and news that his family was exposed to, as they didn’t read newspapers or listen to the radio and they home-schooled their children.
First, this is not possible. The only satellite broadcasts coming from Bob Jones University are educational. There are no entertainment or news broadcasts. Perhaps this columnist is confusing some other broadcaster with BJU.

Second, it would be VERY easy to stay abreast with current issues and live quite well without a television set. Only someone who plugs their brain into the "idiot box" to get their download of information would think that you MUST have it. There a many other ways to get your information.

Granted, if this family did not listen to the radio or read newspapers, that would be a problem. Yet, that would be HIGHLY unusual - especially for homeschool families. Rather than being "unplugged" I find that most such families are very plugged in.

Next he says:
I really felt sorry for my friend and his family because they were robbing themselves of the very information necessary to make educated and valid decisions about news and entertainment and many other things in life. His children grew up in a sheltered environment and would be subject to an onslaught of mixed media of every persuasion once they left home. This could lead to disasters worse than if they had just left the TV at home in the first place.
Give me a break. This is the same old argument that has been made for years. "You've got to expose your children to trash so that they won't be surprised by it when they go out into the world."

The opposite argument is the "green house" argument. It goes something like this. You take your young tender plant and put it in the best soil possible. The fact that it is growing will mean it is exposed to some negatives, but the overall environment is one that strengthens the roots - the core values. Then when the plant is transferred out into the field it is strong to be able to withstand the external forces.

Can and do people turn out just fine being raised in either environment? Sure. But you more often hear people trashing the family that seeks to protect the tender plant. "Come on, dip your children into the slim! It's good for them! There going to have to swim around in it someday!"

No thanks. You raise your kids according to the "garbage in" model. I'll raise mine in the "green house." My parents raised me that way and I am eternally greatful! I am happy to pass that heritage along to my own.


Charter was down at my place this morning. I did not have a chance to check my normal Web stuff.

Monday, October 04, 2004

The Reporter's Mind

I was thinking yesterday about what a different breed some reporters happen to be.

Anne Corbet, a very nice reporter with France Radio Internationale, was with me at my church yesterday morning. Since I teach Sunday School I was not able to be with her during that session, but I introduced her to some of the other teachers and let them know she might be dropping into their class. When she came into my class, she stood right be the podium holding her microphone up to capture the sound. It was just a tad bit disconcerting!

Then we moved to the main service of the morning. I had saved her a seat there with my family about halfway back in the auditorium. As is the case at my church everyone was greeting each other right up to the last moment. Then the choir started the opening anthem. There was Anne, walking down the center aisle. She was oblivious to all around her. She crept closer and closer to the front stage. I began to wonder if she would stand there through the whole service!

As soon as the song ended and there was a transition from the song to Pastor's welcome, I slipped up to Anne and quietly said, "Anne, would you mind sitting down so that you will not be a distraction?" She very graciously complied and quickly slipped into the end seat of the second row. Red-faced, I returned to my seat.

This is very typical of reporters and photographers. It got me to thinking why they don't think about how they may affect the circumstances in which they find themselves. I think I have the answer.

Reporters see themselves as observers. Because they see themselves as detached from the circumstances around them, they think that others in that circumstance see them the same way. Do you remember the funeral of Ronald Reagan? You could hardly hear the speeches over the clicking of the camera shutters. If you don't stop them, photographers will climb right up behind a speaker to get a shot of him facing the crowd.

They think they are invisible.

Now, not all reporters and photographers are this way. I always appreciate the newspaper journalist who shows up for an event dressed to fit the occasion rather than in the traditional sloppy attire of this trade. I'll bend over backward for the photographer who asks about the parameters of an event and is considerate of those around him.

I should be spending some more time with Anne this afternoon. I wonder where she may wander this time?

NASCAR: What If vs. Chase - Races - Standings
The word was that the EA Sports 500 would shake things up in the Chase. It did. However, it wasn't the "Big One" that caused it. Jimmie Johnson - ouch!

RankChase StandingsPointsWhat If StandingsPoints
1Date Earnhardt Jr.5543Dale Earnhardt Jr.4044
2Kurt Busch5530Jeff Gordon4034
3Jeff Gordon5482Jimmie Johnson3868
4Mark Martin5432Kurt Busch3819
5Matt Kenseth5393Tony Stewart3766
6Tony Stewart5391Matt Kenseth3700
7Ryan Newman5384Elliott Sadler3668
8Elliott Sadler5377Mark Martin3630
9Jimmie Johnson5371*Jamie McMurray3585
10Jeremy Mayfield5214Ryan Newman3565
11* Kevin Harvick3549
12Jeremy Mayfield3446
*Not in the Chase for the Nextel Cup

So, how did all this match up with my earlier predictions based on past average finishes?

1Dale Earnhardt Jr.Dale Earnhardt Jr.
2Jeff GordonKurt Busch
3Kurt BuschJeff Gordon
4Jimmie JohnsonMark Martin
5Mark MartinMatt Kenseth
6Ryan NewmanTony Stewart
7Elliott SadlerRyan Newman
8Tony StewartElliott Sadler
9Matt KensethJimmy Johnson
10Jeremy MayfieldJeremy Mayfield

Thank goodness there are no more restrictor plates! DEI is just way above everyone else on plate tracks. HMS has closed the gap, but Gordon has no friends. You can't win without friends at Talladega.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Something Greater Is Here

Something Greater Is Here

Pastor Chuck concludes his three message series on the superiority of the Gospel. This is a subset of the II Corinthians series.

Purpose of Trials - Purpose of Trials

Well, I had a chance to practice even as Pastor was preaching! During the sermon a thunderstorm came up. I remembered that I only had a sun cover on my convertible! I could have jumped up and drove the fifteen minutes back home to put the roof up, or I could just trust that Lord would take care of me. I stayed.

Sure enough a little bit of water leaked through the cover and I had to get out my ShopVac to suck it up. However, what I feared the most (that the cover would collapse under the weight of the water and leave the car with zero protection) didn't happen.

It just gives me a good excuse to take the car for a drive this afternoon to help dry things out.

The French are here

This morning, I will have a visitor at church. Anne Corpet, of Radio France Internationale, will be in Greenville for a couple of days. She will be yet another reporter who wishes to spend some time at the shiny bright buckle of the Bible belt to get an idea of how evangelicals fit into the political picture.

Radio France Internationale is a french world-wide public radio. Most of listeners are from Africa, but they are on FM in many cities of the world, including New York, Hong Kong, or even Kabul...

Anne is a journalist working for ten years in this station, but since recently at the "american desk" of the international service in Paris. She says, "The Christians are very numerous in the USA, and their influence grow in the American policy. That is why RFI decided to do a report about this community, among others." She will also be sending reports "about the latinos in Florida, the democrats in Boston, the supporters of GW Bush in Texas."

Bon jour!

Saturday, October 02, 2004

BJU Links

Student crossing many states for Bush

I guess this will be one vote for Bush in the swing state of Ohio.


Yada, yada, yada... this one is not so much about BJU as Bush. It is the same old same old when it comes to the way secularists view Bush and his faith. Man, they can't stand this fellow!

Homeland Security memo exposes effort to manipulate media

You have to scroll down on this one before you finally see the BJU connection. Sorry, Asa, you probably wouldn't have to face this junk if you weren't a BJU graduate. The mere fact that you attended makes you a racist. Now anything you do will be misconstrued that way.

Hang in there.

How much more can I take?

UNC Falls Short Against Ninth-Ranked Seminoles, 38-16 :: Seminole quarterback throws three touchdown passes in his starting debut.

What can I say? Carolina actually showed some improvement in several areas, but more often caused me to avert my eyes to avoid sharing in their embarassment! Somebody teach these guys how to tackle! Please!

'Nuf said.

Hurrah for the American Way!

Hey, look! A strike in Holland!

And this is what so many would have us to become here in America:
"One of the guiding principles of this cabinet is that people should be more responsible for their own lives," said William Lelieveldt, spokesman for the Finance Ministry.

Lelieveldt said the government realized the changes would cause hardship, but added: "Obviously there is no reform without the pain it causes in society."

Angry workers say this is not the "Dutch way."

"The Dutch way is to take care of people who have less," said Gerard Admiraal, an emergency services worker who attended a protest at Schiphol airport Tuesday.

"This government wants everybody to take care of themselves," Admiraal said. "Only the rich can do that."
Well, I'll take the "American way" any day. I'm not rich, but I'll be more than happy to take care of myself - and I'll do what I can to help take care of others while I am at it.

The problem is that we have becoming more Dutch than American.
The traditional American way is beginning to disappear.

Friday, October 01, 2004

Field is set

Jeff Gordon stays up front!
Whoa, Kenseth qualifies near the front...
Hey, who's cheering for the other Earnhardt?

  • First in the standings

  • Fifth in starting grid

  • First of the Chase 10

  • The Chase line up:
    1. (5) Jeff Gordon
    2. (6) Elliot Sadler
    3. (7) Matt Kenseth
    4. (8) Kurt Busch
    5. (9) Jeremy Mayfield
    6. (10) Dale Earnhardt Jr.
    7. (16) Jimmie Johnson
    8. (17) Mark Martin
    9. (19) Ryan Newman
    10. (30) Tony Stewart

    Sunday will tell...

    Heels Hurting

    Winston-Salem Journal | Tar Heels hold team meeting after loss

    How ironic that as I checked out the Tar Heel Web sites during lunch, I would be sitting here with a sore heel.

    I was walking down the steps to my basement last night and slipped. I stuck out my right foot (bare) to stop myself. I went down about two steps and my heel caught the edge of one of the wooden planks. It stopped me, but it sure bruised my heel. I'm limping around today. Man, it adds new understanding to Proverbs 25:19, "Trusting in a treacherous man in time of trouble is like a bad tooth or a foot that slips."

    I digress.

    My heel isn't the only one that is hurting. My Tar Heels are in pain and obviously suffering from a bruise to the heart. The question remains, what is the cause? Is it Bunting? Is it simply the circumstances. Is it the players with which Bunting has to work?

    I still don't think it is the coaching. I have seen what Bunting can do with the right players. You could argue that he needs to be a better recruiter. He would probably agree, but he has made strides in that way during his tenure.

    The clamor to replace Bunting continues to grow. People who claim to love Carolina football are seeking Steve Spurrier. NOOOOOOooooooooo! Please, guys turn it around quick!

    The Big Question - Unpredictable Talladega will shake up Chase

    NASCAR quailifying for the EA Sports 500 is today. The big question on everyone's mind isn't who will get the pole. The big question is the "big one." Who will escape the multi-car pileup that often comes - and less often sometimes doesn't?

    Qualifying up front isn't a given way to escape the madness. As Marty Smith writes: "Jeff Gordon said the way to avoid the 'Big One' is to be up front. But that's a dubious prospect at Talladega. One lap you're leading, the next you're 12th. There's a constant yo-yo effect, making it highly unlikely someone will dominate in the fashion Johnson did at Charlotte."

    If I were one of the top ten drivers, I would try to get all the other Chase contenders to line up nose to tail and draft away from the rest of the field. They can all duke it out in the final five laps.

    Right. Only in your dreams!