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Monday, April 07, 2008

Waiting for my Garmin 705

I'm kind of excited today. UPS should be delivering two Garmin 705s with all the works. The timing couldn't be better. My 305 has been acting a little flaky recently and the cadence meter seems to be shot.

This all started months ago when I made contact with Garmin to see if they would allow me to do a pre-production test of the new product. I was surprised to get the response that they would arrange something for me. Then began the waiting process...

While I was waiting, the folks over at Quarq announced they were going to release a new power meter that would send data to the Garmin 705. So, I contacted them to let them know I was going to be testing the Garmin and it sure would be cool to do so with the Quarq CinQo power meter.

Again, they were very willing to make this happen. Actually, they were looking for people to test the two devices together. They were very communicative keeping me up-to-date on their development.

However, the wait has been months. Garmin finally did get the device shipped to me, but it was after the first production run. The CinQos still are not in production. I'm on the list, but it could be summer before I am actually able to start reporting on the how the two products work together.

I'll be reporting on the Garmin as soon as I can get it charged up! Because they sent me two of them, I can test the networking capability of system. Perhaps Donaldson Center tomorrow night will be the first time to really give it a try.

Stay tuned...



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