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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Holy Moly

I was looking forward to riding tonight with some friends. Of course, the ride was centered around Paris Mountain. We rolled out around 6 PM.

I got some ribbing for taking the win in the B group. I think I'm going to have to do the A group this next Tuesday. I guess I need to be put in my place.

Before it seemed like I was ready, we turned up Altamont. I started off right with Billy and John. We were averaging around 10 to 11 mph. We were all there together until we reached the water tower.

At that point the pace of those around me slowed and I kept the earlier pace. I didn't look behind me until I passed the halfway point. As I passed the sign I use as my marker, I saw 5 minutes and 57 seconds.

I realized I was stuck. I had a very good time halfway but I knew I wasn't going to be able to maintain that. It was time to do a better job pacing myself. Looking back I had a pretty big gap to the next rider.

As I continued up I held my 11 mph average until I reached the blue electrical box. This was better than the last time I did this climb. Ugggh, I was slowing. I looked back again... there was Art.

Just before we reached the wall, Art went around me. He just started doing what I have seen him do time and time again. He steadily attacked the road. I tried to follow, but I couldn't gain.

I crossed the line in 12 minutes 51 seconds. As I caught up to Art as we cooled down he said, "Thanks for helping me get that PR." Turns out he did the climb 10 seconds faster for a time of 12 minutes 41 seconds.

Coming down the other side was lots of fun. We took several spurs off from the main road. Audubon (or however they spell it) was a nice change and then another road that had some pretty drastic switchbacks.

Billy and I left the group on this section. That turned out to be a mistake. As we rode by the turn off on Woodhaven, I joking said to Billy, "Hey, we should do Woodhaven." We rode past it. Then I heard Billy say, "They are doing it!" I looked back and sure enough, I saw the helmets heading up the steep road.

John came by us and just kept going. No way was he going to do that! Billy struggled to get out of his big ring. I was able to get set and headed up after them. Turns out Billy turned around and followed John. I was chasing down Art (who by this way was gone), Mike, and Louis.

What a workout! I think I'll sleep well tonight.


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