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Monday, February 18, 2008

Planning for Saturday

Saturday is the opening of the 2008 Greenville Spring Series. My plan is to race in the Cat 5 35+ race. I'm encouraged by the progress I have made over the winter and I've appreciated the many people who have gotten behind me to cheer me on.

Here is how I plan to approach this week.

Saturday 2/16 -- A solid hard ride with the Sunshine boys.
Sunday 2/17 -- Off the bike
Monday 2/18 -- An hour plus of spinning
Tuesday 2/19 -- Intervals at Cleveland Park for 20+ miles
Wednesday 2/20 -- An hour plus of spinning
Thursday 2/21 -- Off the bike
Friday 2/22 -- An easy to moderate ride
Saturday 2/23 -- Race!

Anyone have any suggestions that would make the week a better one for preparation? I have some limitations due to time. I would like for the ride on Tuesday to be longer, but daylight won't allow it. I'm open to suggestions -- especially ones concerning nourishment.

See you on Saturday!



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