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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Cycling, football, and kazoos

Sitting here watching my YOUNG Tar Heels try to hang in there with Georgia Tech. They are giving it all they can, but they keep making freshman mistakes. What do you expect? The team is made up primarily of freshmen and sophomores.

There really isn't much to write about on the ride this morning. My weather data says we started out at 39 degrees, but there is no way it was that WARM. Most of us arriving for the ride said their home thermometers showed temperatures in the 20s.

I was ready! I put the Quoleum gel on my right leg and left the left leg without it. I'll write about that in my next Cycling Blog entry. However, I also had on knee warmers, leggings, shoe covers, long sleeve base shirt, arm warmers, long sleeve jersey, and a wind breaker.

Honest, I went outside and I didn't feel the cold on my legs and torso. My fingers, feet, and face were cold and got colder as we went along. For the entire ride I was pretty comfortable except those parts.

By the time we rolled into the shop two hours later, the temperature was up in the high 40s. It was perfect at that point and I could have taken off a layer. If I could just find a way to get my hands and feet warm, I think I wouldn't second guess going on those 20 degree rides.

As for the riding, we didn't go very fast. It was one of the slowest Hour of Power rides I have been on. None of the shop guys were there and the sprints were basically not there either.

Oh, the kazoos - tonight I'm taking the family to the Turkey Bowl. The game is the soccer championship at Bob Jones University. During halftime the student body is going to attempt to break the world's record for the largest kazoo choir. They are hoping to get about 5000. The record is around 3500.



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