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Monday, November 19, 2007

Back in the gym

It was back to the weight training tonight:

144 90 lb. lifts (ascending sets to 12 and back to 1)
60 180 lb. lifts (five sets of 12)
20 315 lb. lifts (two sets of 10)
20 180 lb. power lifts (two sets of 10)

When I was done I did 15 minutes of spinning. All that took me about an hour. Man it was hard to do that spinning after lifting!

Tomorrow night I will just do some spinning on the home trainer. Need to get my legs back under me for the Wednesday morning we have planned from Sunshine. It will either be the normal Hour of Power ride or maybe we'll do the Furman/Paris Mtn. ride - that would be nice.

I'm also having some fun playing around with a redesign for the Sunshine Cycle Shop Web site. It is OOOLLLDDD. It definitely needs a face lift!



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