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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

My own cheering section

You can read about my wipe out at the cycling blog. One thing I didn't mention in that entry that is kind of cute is the fact that while riding the "Batesview Criterium" I had my own cheering section.

Right near the top of the 11% grade climb, there is a home with several kids. About three laps in, they were all in their front yard waiting for me to come by. As I would pass, they would cheer me on... "Go, go, go!" They would yell and a couple of them got out their bikes to ride along with me once I reached the top.

It was actually kind of neat. Here were some kids who understand cycling! My guess is it is because their dad is also a cyclist who earlier this year rode across South Carolina in five days with one good leg and a prosthesis.



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