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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My fingers are starting to feel better

I'm keeping the typing to a minimum now days. However, my fingers are starting to feel better. The road rash is another matter! Monday and yesterday I also found that I might have suffered a mild case of whiplash. This morning that is feeling better but my neck still feels stiff. Man, I can't wait for all this to go away!

Today will be a pressure filled day. Dr. Bob announced that he was endorsing Mitt Romney. I'm sure I'm going to be responding to all kinds of questions today. Hey, individuals have every right to speak out. However, people need to understand that folks at the school get behind various candidates. The institution - because it isn't a person - can't endorse anyone! It is up to each member of the University family to make their choice. Just because one person backs a particular candidate doesn't mean everyone else endorses that candidate as well.

Enough of that...


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Well said!


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