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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

From excitement to boredom

Yesterday the beautiful red head and I drove the bimmer up the bakery ride route. I wanted to show her the route and take her to eat a sticky bun. It was a beautiful ride, but we discovered that the Wildflour Bakery is closed on Mondays AND Tuesdays.

We followed 176 to Hendersonville where we had lunch. Then we went back down 176 through Saluda on to Tryon. I had not been to this section between the two small towns. It was an incredible weaving downgrade. Next time I ride up there I'm not going to retrace my route back to Tigerville. I'm going to go on to Tryon. It will be a blast.

We got back with plenty of light left. I decided to get in some miles. My mind was still thinking about our trip and how much fun it would be to ride that route on my bike. However, for some reason when I started riding, I had no desire. It wasn't really that cool so I wasn't uncomfortable. I just couldn't get in a rhythm and the route seemed monotonous. I just wasn't into it.

Maybe I am mentally hitting the end of the season. Sure hope I'm more into it tomorrow evening. That will be the last Thursday night ride until next year.



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