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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Disappointing ride

Last night was a disappointment. Earlier I mentioned how my bike was having problems. A long term issue was a good sized dent in my aluminum frame. Of more immediate concern was a racket that my chain and crank were making. Not only did it seem to annoy me with what sounds like a chain being dragged across the something, it also seemed to add resistance to my stroke.

I thought I would take care of this by moving my components from my Allez to a Tarmac Pro frame. Sunshine Cycle Shop was giving me a great deal on the frame and not only would that take care of my frame problem, it would also give me a lighter bike, and I assumed that when the components were moved over the crank problems would as well.

It is a beautiful bike (except I should have used red bar tape instead of blue) and it weighs in over a pound lighter than my Allez. It was like Christmas waiting to go pick it up! Finally it was in my hands and I planned to shake it down on a short ride.

I had not gone 100 yards before I hit an incline and the racket was there just like before. Then it started to rain. My ride just fell apart at that point. I just came home.

Things will get better. I know the bike is going to be a great ride. I've just got to figure out what is causing these issues. It is obviously not the frame because the same thing happens on two different frames. Oh, and the lever for the front dérailleur is really in a bind. I'm almost afraid I'm going to break it when I try to move to the larger ring.

I'm just going to stop worrying about it and let the shop guys find the solution.



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