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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Critical of my crit

I woke up all ready to go for today's Cat 5 35+ criterium race. I went through my normal routine. I ate my McDonald's steak and egg bagel - actually, it might have been an omen. I was supposed to get a steak and egg bagel, but they gave me bacon instead.

The kids climbed in the truck with me and we headed downtown. The beautiful red head couldn't go because of a prior commitment. We had no trouble finding a parking place at 8:30 AM. I signed in and then went to get my trainer and stuff.

After setting up I started warming up while watching the Cat 5 34- racers make their laps. One rider tried to break away right off the bat. He stayed out there longer than I thought he would, but he was doomed.

Then it was our turn.

My pump didn't work. So, with about 10 minutes to go I went over to a tent where I saw a pump. I asked a guy if I could use his pump, and he made some smart remark about me doing it myself. I guess he thought I had asked him to pump it up.

Then he told me, "Just let you know, you have to wear a helmet when you ride." I looked at him with a quizzical look on my face. Of course I was going to wear a helmet. He wouldn't let it go. He went off telling me how he had ridden for 20 years in Greenville and how he was "the Hincapie before George Hincapie came to Greenville."

I told him that I was a responsible rider and I had not ridden my bike this morning without my helmet. He wanted to argue. I said, "Hey, man, thanks for the positive thoughts just before I go race." I don't care who he is. He was acting like a jerk. He was an official who seemed to be on a power trip. Turns out he is a somebody here in Greenville, but I hope visitors from out of town didn't have him as an example of cycling in our area!

-- got to go, I'll finish this later.



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