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Monday, October 08, 2007


In the past, I've always put a number up in the title when something good has happened. This time it isn't a good thing. 7:15 - as in 7:15 PM - is the time that I had to get off the road because it was getting too dark.

I was told that Tuesday evening would be the last evening at Donaldson Center. I haven't heard that anywhere else. You could probably get in three laps or so. Remember, the time change is later this fall.

Tonight was a bitter sweet night. I can't really talk about it right now as I'm keeping it under wraps. Right now it centers around 19. Tomorrow night that number will change - I hope significantly smaller.

As for the ride, there were a number of cyclists out there at Cleveland Park. I didn't try to do anything too fast. I connected with Randy again and we did two laps together. He eased off to save himself for Donaldson Center.

I was wanting to get in some miles, but by 7:15 I had to pull off after 20 miles. Tomorrow night I have to stay near the house so I can watch the kids. Ever baby sat while sitting on your bike? I do it. I do a loop that takes me by my house every two minutes. Thing One can stop me if they need me.

Tomorrow could be an interesting day!



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