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Monday, July 09, 2007

Tale of two races

That was some finish -- that is a true statement whether you are talking about the Pepsi 400 or the first stage of the Tour De France. Saturday's NASCAR race was weird. It was certainly not your typical restrictor plate race. Actually, I liked it. As for the Tour riding through the English countryside, it was great with Robbie McEwen coming from nowhere - from the back of the pack after going over the handlebars during a wreck - to blow everyone away on a final sprint. Wow!

TeamPts PtsTeam

I really thought I was a goner when Stewart and Hamlin got mixed up. Stewart got out earlier than Hamlin and I was afraid his few laps would be the difference. Thankfully, I was wrong. Harvick had troubles and Shrub kept it off the wall. Gordon just did what Gordon does and I got the win.


DraftingWithYates is starting to move up the field. There is now a three way tie for second place. He has really turned things around. It didn't hurt that he has the winning driver on his team.

Watching the Tour made me miss being on my bike. What fun it would be to ride through the English countryside. I'll tell you though, those roads were pretty narrow! Today they cross the channel and will ride a pretty flat stage. The sprinters will rule again, though the winners of these stages will most likely not be the ones who will contend for the final podium. It's the mountains boys that will decide the winner.

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