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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

2007 Time Trial

Here is the map for the USACycling Pro Championships Time Trial course. It would be nice to ride, but that Hwy. 11 stretch could be interesting. I've always wanted to just head down that road, but traffic really flies. However, the rest of the course is on typical northern Greenville County roads -- which are wonderful road for cycling.

The blue line shows one of the primary route for the 2007 USACycling Pro Championships Time Trial course. Click here to expand the map. Once you have expanded the map, click on it to be able to view more detail.

The course will be 20 miles in length. It begins at the entrance of the Cliffs properties "Mountain View". There is a very short amount of Hwy. 11 before you turn left on River Road. There isn't another turn until you come to Old Highway 25 where the riders will turn left. Very shortly they will come up on Dividing Water Road - where the riders will take a right. Then it is a left turn back onto Hwy. 11 for a not so long section to the turn around point.

After heading back on Hwy. 11 and turning right onto North Tigerville Road/Dividing Water Road and then left on Old Highway 25, the time trial contestants will stop backtracking by turning right onto Terry Creek Road. This will take them to a short loop behind the Cliffs properties Valley: right on Mountain Summit Road, right on Glenn Hollow Road, and right on Painter Creek Road. That will bring them to the finish.



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