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Sunday, June 17, 2007

My heart wasn't in it.

NASCAR ran today in Michigan. Before the race, I checked to see who I would be up against in the fantasy league. Ironically, it was Mike's team. I certainly didn't have the desire to see my team win today. Sure enough, I lost - and I don't mind at all.

Team Pts
Pts Team
Super_D 260 vs. 511 BBuck
A_Junior_Fan 446 vs. 419 paitracing
DraftingWithYates 177 vs. 73 thewildcard

We'll keep Mike's team for the rest of the year. I have been running his team anyway since he got too sick to deal with it. I'll tell you, with Truex starting to come on it is a formidable team -- Truex, Johnson, and Earnhardt (today Mark Martin - no slouch - was on the bench).

Here is how the fantasy league stacks up right now:

Team W L T
paitracing 13 2 0
A_Junior_Fan 9 6 0
DraftingWithYates 9 6 0
BBuck 9 6 0
Super_D 4 11 0
thewildcard 1 14 0

Of course, the big winner for today was BBuck! I know Carl Edwards was glad to get a win - probably not more than his crew member...
He then gleefully took a pair of scissors to team member Tom Giacchi's shaggy beard, clipping off a chunk of hair that had been growing since the two vowed in late 2005 that Giacchi wouldn't shave until Edwards' next win.
That was quite a beard!

My mind has been on the funeral that will take place tomorrow. There was a memorial service tonight in Apex, NC for Mike. I'll be leaving in the morning to attend the funeral service at the church there. The family will then take Mike's body to Tennessee where they will have a service and burial.

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