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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I'm glad I rode the trainer this winter

I rode about 300 miles on a trainer this winter. I watched episodes of 24 on my iPod (I have one of those neat 7 inch screen thingies) while I churned away. I also downloaded some of the Carmichael training podcasts and videos. The plan was to hit the road this spring better than I was before winter began.

It didn't happen. The amount of time you would have to put in on a trainer in order to increase your ability over the winter would be so much you wouldn't have time to do anything else! However, that being said, I'm glad I did it. Why? Because, as my wife tells me, "Not going backward can be just as good as going forward." Now a month into riding, I am at the place where I was after several months training last year. Riding the trainer didn't get me ahead -- unless you consider not getting behind getting ahead.

A shot looking down Old Buncumbe Road with Paris Mountain to the right.

Today I did my first trip up the backside of Paris Mountain. I rode up the frontside last week, but today I pretty much followed the USA Pro Cycling Championship route. Since my allergies have been bothering me, I decided not to push too hard. I set out and reached the base of the mountain with a 16.5 average. 14.5 miles and exactly one hour after leaving my house, I was at the top.


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