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Monday, April 30, 2007

The fantasy league is still operational

82 AirborneReaders of StackOfStuff may recall the NASCAR fantasy league that some friends and I started last year. Well, we're at it again this year and I'm having a great year! I'll start keeping track of the league again here.

One sad thing is that Mike McCaskill is still a member of the league but is unable to participate because of his battle with the brain tumor. I'm managing it for him this season. We're thinking of you Mike during the race!

Here are the points from Sunday's race:

#2 Super_D 431 vs. 326 #5 A_Junior_Fan
#3 BBuck 271 vs. 213 #4 thewildcard
#6 DraftingWithYates 273 vs. 372 #1 paitracing

This means that the current standings for the year are:

#1 paitracing 8 1 0 W5
#5 A_Junior_Fan 6 3 0 L1
#6 DraftingWithYates 5 4 0 L2
#3 BBuck 5 4 0 W1
#2 Super_D 2 7 0 W1
#4 thewildcard 1 8 0 L1

Jeff Gordon is on the move. This could finally be the year for his "Drive for five." Still, it is very early in the season. Anything could happen...

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