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Monday, October 02, 2006

The underdog is the top dog

Well, it happened - just not the way I thought it would. I got beat yesterday in the NASCAR fantasy league. Not only that, but Gordon took a big hit in the standing.

Until about the last 20 laps, I was killing the competition. After that, things just fell apart. First, Gordon had a fuel pump fail which sent him behind the wall with not enough time to get the problem corrected and back out to pick up some laps. He finished 39th and fell to 6th place 120 points back from leader Jeff Burton.

Then Johnson had his problems because Kasey Kahne spun out at the entrance of pit road causing Jimmie to have to go back out on the track losing momentum and getting in trouble with speeding. After leading the most laps for the day, he ended up 14th.

Oh well, at least I still hold the lead in the fantasy league. Even though BBuck won and gained some ground, I still hold the top spot going to Taladega. Gordon also is running well except for the mechanical issue. Perhaps he can make it a run for the history books and pull off the win.


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