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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Two races - one day

It is show down time in the NASCAR fantasy league. Today I am up against BBuck. Whoever wins today will take the lead. Thankfully, I am ahead by "half a race." If I win, then I'll extend my lead. If BBuck wins, it will still be close.

I'm definitely sitting Martin today. He seems to have gone flat. While it is cool having all four of my drivers in the top ten, I'm not so sure I will when today is done. Martin does have a little bit of a cushion, but who knows. Shrub is on a tear. He is doing well and momentum seems to be on his side. Frankly, the driver I think could sink me today is Jeff Gordon.

The race is late - they will probably roll off at 8 p.m. I won't get to see the beginning because I am supposed to join someone for meeting after church tonight. I'm not sure I'll watch it anyway. Fontana can be boooorrrrriiiinnnnggggg.

There is another race today. The USACycling Professional Championships are in Greenville today. After lunch, I think I'll take my camera, hop on a bike, and see if I can catch a little of it. If I'm able to do it, I'll include some of the pictures here.


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